Studio Compact Space-Saving Bath

The Studio is a compact, space-saving bath that’s ideal for modern en-suites, or for other bathrooms where space is at a premium. It has a noticeably smaller footprint than conventionally designed baths, so it opens up a wealth of layout options that would be impossible with full-length alternatives.

The Studio is a utility bath; once installed, it becomes part of the bathroom fabric.

Despite its reduced length, the Studio is still exceptionally comfortable. This is because it takes some of its design cues from our deep soaking tub range, so it substitutes depth for length. At 505mm (19¾”), it is considerably deeper than traditional baths, which means bathers can adopt a more upright, semi-seated posture. This alleviates strain on the shoulders and neck, while the extra depth of water helps to buoy the bather up, creating a feeling of weightlessness.

The Studio mini bath is therefore both versatile and comfortable. It also requires less water to fill, so it affords savings on water and energy.


The Studio Compact Built-In Bath

A Built-in Bath with Extra Depth

The distinctive features of the Studio are its extra depth and compact footprint. While a conventional bath might typically be between 1.7m and 1.8m long (67″ – 71″), the longest side of this space-saving bath measures just 1522mm (60″).

Please see our Technical Data section for the full set of dimensions.

Its compact design makes it perfectly suited for use in smaller modern bathrooms – in en-suites, loft apartments, studio flats, aparthotels and similar settings. It’s also a good choice for customers who are designing for an irregularly shaped bathroom, or those who simply want to free more space in the rest of their room.

The Studio has a flat base, so it works very effectively with an overhead shower.

Key benefits:

  • Allows a much greater range of bathroom design options
  • Requires less water to fill than a conventional bath
  • Compatible with overhead shower
  • Exceptional robustness, thanks to the use of FICORE®
  • Excellent heat retention
  • A 25 year guarantee
  • The upright bathing posture puts no strain on neck and shoulders
  • Perfect for use with a bespoke hydrotherapy spa system

Use and Placement:

The Studio mini bath is designed primarily for built-in installations. It can be set into the floor or a raised deck, and it may be installed either as a drop-in bath (with the rim visible) or undermounted (with the rim set below the deck.)

Optionally, however, the Studio may be fitted with bespoke panels that cover anything from one to four sides. Fitted with panels, the bath may then be used freestanding, set against a wall, or installed in a corner or niche.  (See Options.)

The Studio is suitable for use with a bath-screen or shower screen.

 Access and fitting:

As a small bath, the Studio will easily pass through a standard door with a minimum width of 730mm / 29″.

Taps can be mounted in any location where space permits and the overflow can be located in any one of the three walls of the well. The Studio requires an extended waste/overflow. This means that the cable that operates the waste plug needs to be longer than for conventional baths. The Studio is normally supplied with the only the waste and overflow holes pre-drilled. This allows greater flexibility on-site when choosing the precise positioning of spouts, taps and hand-showers.

The Studio space-saving bath is strong enough to permit grab bars to be fitted, if required, although it may often be more ergonomic to fit grab bars to adjoining walls. If grab bars are to be fitted, these will be supplied separately and should be fitted on site after trial and discussion. Shape, gauge, length and method of  use are all personal to each owner. For this same reason, we do not pre-drill holes for grab bars.

The Studio is supplied with four screw-threaded feet, allowing a height adjustment of up to 20mm/1″. These adjustable feet are factory-fitted and set to spread the bath’s weight evenly. During installation on-site, great care must be taken if the feet are subsequently adjusted to accommodate a sloping or uneven floor. For security, stability and durability, it is essential that the whole of the bath’s weight rests squarely and evenly on the feet. No weight should rest on the rim or body of the bath, nor (where present) on any side panel.

Download the Studio Compact Bath Specification Sheet. (PDF: 231 KB.)

For advice or further information about the Studio compact, space-saving bath, please use the reply form or call the Cabuchon customer services team.


External dimensions: 1522mm x 837mm / 60” x 33”
External height: 605mm / 23¾″ to 650mm / 25½” (inc. adjustable feet)
Internal dimensions: 1392mm x 677mm / 54¾” x 26¾″
Internal depth: 505mm / 19¾″

Material: FICORE®

Full internal and external dimensions are shown on the Studio-Space-Saving-Bath-Specification-Sheet.


The Studio is intended for use as a small, built-in bath. Customers can therefore choose and fit their own surrounds – e.g. stone, tiles or wooden panelling. However, on request, we can produce bespoke side panels, which give the Studio the appearance of a small freestanding bath. Bespoke panels will always be supplied separately from the bath. Regardless of the number of sides it is to cover, a panel will be supplied as a single, continuous piece.

A panel can be supplied to cover anything from one to four sides, depending on the intended installation:

  • One side: for installation as a niche/alcove bath
  • Two sides: when the Studio is to be used as a small corner bath
  • Three sides: for installation part way along a wall
  • Four sides: when the Studio is to be used as a small free standing bath


Colour choice:

The use of FICORE® means that customers can have their Studio mini bath supplied in literally any colour. Thus, for example, a colour can be chosen to match another manufacturer’s sanitaryware or a specific material or item of decor. For a small extra charge, colour combinations are also possible.

Additionally, the Studio may be supplied in a non-standard matt finish, or primed in readiness for a specialist paint finish.

More information about colour choice can be found on our Bath Options page.

The Studio and Hydrotherapy:

Like many of our smaller baths, the Studio makes a very effective Hydrotherapy spa bath. The exceptional depth of water provides buoyancy support, which helps to keep muscles relaxed. Equally, the bath’s compact dimensions put the hydrotherapy jets close to the bather’s body, which helps to maximise the benefits of the heat and pressure.

As with any Cabuchon Hydrotherapy system, the placement of the water jets will always be tailored to the user’s personal and physiological requirements.

Please see our Hydrotherapy section for more details.






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