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Thank you for visiting Cabuchon. As a world-leading manufacturer of luxury baths and tailored Hydrotherapy spa tub systems, we put more than thirty years of design experience at your disposal. As comfortable as they are beautiful, our baths are the result of the finest quality craftsmanship, cutting-edge materials and extensive customer research. In short, they exemplify the very best in function, style and guaranteed durability.

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Custom Designed Luxury Baths and Hydrotherapy Systems

Like our baths, we’re anything but ordinary. We use advanced materials to create beautiful bath designs that promise outstanding performance and an altogether more luxurious bathing experience.

Our models range from award winning free standing baths to the world’s best and longest established collection of deep soaking tubs. We also offer elegant built-in baths and superior quality Hydrotherapy spa systems, each one individually designed and configured for its user.

Customisation and Guarantees

All our baths are hand built by our experienced craftsmen so they can be tailored to suit any interior design or personal requirement.

Using our unique composite, FICORE® – the industry’s most advanced and effective bath manufacturing material – we can offer you a choice of literally any colour, together with valuable energy saving properties and a host of customisation options. You can request non-standard shapes and sizes, and take advantage of an unbeatable 25 year guarantee.

All but five baths in the Cabuchon range are designed to have Hydrotherapy systems fitted if customers require them. (The five exceptions are noted as such on their individual product description pages.) Any other Cabuchon bath may become a high quality Hydrotherapy spa bath through the expert fitting of the appropriate, Cabuchon-guaranteed parts. These turn an already excellent range into a bathing experience that is truly exceptional.

Style and good taste are the hallmarks of our designs but in over thirty years of work, we have never lost sight of the principle that function and comfort must always come first. Consequently, you can rely on Cabuchon baths to be durable, supremely relaxing and always ideally suited to your needs.

Our Complete Luxury Bath Range

To view the complete range of Cabuchon baths and hydrotherapy options, please see our Alphabetic Bath Listing.

Note: Bath Prices

Please note that bath prices are not shown because they depend upon the final configuration of the bath you choose. We have a unique ability to tailor the final size and features of a bath to suit different requirements. This yields better products and greater customer satisfaction, but it makes it impractical to publish accurate, up-to-date prices for every possible variation. Moreover, we are privileged to serve many different markets around the world, but delivery charges vary significantly by location. We are therefore unable to give meaningful quotations in advance of being asked.

If you would like a price for any of our baths or systems, please let us know which products interest you and please give us your name, your exact location (including your post code), and an e-mail address at which we can contact you. We promise we shall neither divulge these details to others, nor misuse them. We guarantee you an answer within 24 hours.

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Contact Us

If you have any queries about any of our products or services please feel free to call us on: 01524 66022

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