Pleasance Free Standing Bath

The Pleasance free standing bath, with its flat, tightly radiused rims, cannot be made in materials other than Cabuchon’s own FICORE® composite. These rims contrast beautifully with its classical curves, making it a highly functional bathtub with a very distinctive style.

More than worthy of a central position in any luxury bathroom, the Pleasance takes its design cues from the traditional Georgian ‘slipper bath’ and is ideal for languorous soaking.

Please note that the fourth of the accompanying photographs shows the size of the Pleasance (at rear) in comparison to the Pleasance Plus (foreground.)


The Pleasance ‘Slipper Bath’

Despite the iconic style, the Pleasance is enormously comfortable, thanks in part to the support afforded by its high, curved back, and also to its shallow seat, which places the bather’s feet lower than the rest of the body. Comfort is further enhanced by the greater than usual centre depth of 697mm/27½”, which allows the bather to lie well supported in the water.

In keeping with its simple elegance, the Pleasance is very simple in terms of its structure: the inner bowl and outer body are one integral piece so it is both strong and easy to install.

As shown in the accompanying photographs, the Pleasance can be filled by a free standing mixer or by a combined manifold filler/overflow with wall taps.

Access and fitting:

The extra height of the Pleasance means that, unlike most Cabuchon baths, it requires extra care when negotiating doorways. Its narrowest dimension is its width but the best way to have pass it through a doorway is to swing the bath around the door jamb when it is on its side, pivoting on the centre of the bath. In any event, its larger size means the installer should carefully measure the existing door and establish whether the opening will be large enough. It may be necessary to remove the architraves in order to enable the bath to pass through.

The Pleasance should be filled by a free standing riser, by wall mounted taps/spouts, or by manifold fillers with remote taps. Taps should not be mounted on the bath rim.

Due to its extra height, the Pleasance requires an extended waste/overflow.

The Pleasance free standing bath is normally supplied with pre-drilled holes for the waste and overflow.

The Pleasance is affixed to the floor using special metal brackets, which are supplied with the bath. More details about installation and all relevant measurements are provided in the Pleasance Specification Sheet. (PDF.)


External dimensions: 1450mm x 855mm / 57″ x 33¾”
External height (at high end): 890mm / 35″
External height (at lowest point, centre of bowl): 700mm / 27½”
Internal depth: 605mm / 23¾”

Capacity: 242 litres. (55 Imperial gallons / 66 US gallons.)

Full internal and external dimensions are shown on the Pleasance Specification Sheet.

Material: FICORE®

Colour choice:

Like all Cabuchon baths, the Pleasance free standing bath tub can be supplied in any chosen colour and in any colour combination. Within Cabuchon’s standard pricing, a single colour can be matched with that of any established sanitaryware and with a large number of previous ‘standard’ colours. For an additional charge, it can also be computer matched to the base colour of materials such as stone, paint and fabric, assuming that the customer is able to supply a suitable sample. FICORE® has a high gloss finish but, on request, it may be supplied with a matt finish or primed so as to allow additional paint effects to be applied.

The Pleasance is not suitable for the inclusion of a Hydrotherapy system.






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