Cabuchon Quality

Our single most important value is quality. The quality of our designs determines the comfort, function and beauty of our baths. The quality of our craftsmanship is key to their reliability and value. The quality of our materials confers unique and distinctive benefits, while the quality of our service means customers can enjoy meaningful support at every stage – from design to delivery and beyond.

Designing Top Quality Baths

Cabuchon has been designing superior quality, luxury baths for over a quarter of a century. We select our designers on the basis of their vision, their track record, their creative originality and – most especially – their shared commitment to delivering the best possible bathing experience.

In all our bath designs, we seek to combine good taste, elegance, comfort and functionality. Whether traditional or contemporary, our baths are characterised by classic styling and a real fixation on detail.

The most important part of the design process – to which we pay considerable attention – is customer research. Some of our bath designs have taken literally years to perfect. They are the product of interviews, client suggestions, physical trials and other measures. Every new model is shaped by feedback and painstaking discussions about the best possible marriage of comfort, function and style. Though the process can be slow, it’s well worth taking the time to get things right; we believe the resulting baths are the very best of their kind.

Cabuchon operative using injection system to cast the inner of a high quality, hand-made bath.

Casting the inner of a bath in a company-made tool.

Crafting Quality Baths

Craftsmanship is the key to realising our creative visions. When the company was first established, a deliberate choice was made to locate it in an area with a strong tradition of hand-crafting. This gave us the foundation we needed and ensured that quality always remained our hallmark.

Since then – over a period of more than 30 years – our workforce has grown and developed. Through training and apprenticeships, we have sustained that vital expertise. Indeed, some of our staff now represent a second generation of local families who continue to work as part of the Cabuchon team. We have specialists in all the key stages of production, from pattern and tool-making to finishing, and they possess the critical skills necessary for installing some of the world’s most advanced, tailored hydrotherapy spa systems.

As a result of this in-house experience, we can also recommend, design and offer a wide range of customisation options. (Please see Bath Tub Options for more details.)

FICORE® – the Bath Reinvented

It’s important to note that many of the characteristics of our baths would simply be impossible to achieve without the use of our proprietary composite, FICORE®. The fabric from which a bath is made matters considerably, not only aesthetically but in terms of its potential for design, and fundamental characteristics such as comfort, safety, cleanliness and durability.

We developed our most-used composite, FICORE® (pronounced F-EYE- CORE), over 25 years ago. Crucially, it is stronger and more rigid than any other non-metal or stone bath material. Unlike either, however, it retains water heat very efficiently, it is not excessively heavy and nor is it liable to chip.

A cross section through a sample of Ficore, showing its composition.

A cross section through a sample of FICORE®, showing its composition.

FICORE® is a solid composite, not a laminate or bonding, which means its various components are fused together in the manufacturing process. It will therefore not delaminate nor come apart, and it affords a number of significant advantages when compared to standard bath materials. For instance:

Design benefits:

  • Because of its integral strength, baths made from FICORE® need no metal or wooden reinforcements and no chassis. They will not shift, creak or ‘give’.
  • FICORE® permits more sharply defined details and tighter angles; for example, the sculptured rim of the Palladian or the Octavia can only be achieved using this material. The same is true of the right-angled rim edges of the Pleasance or Pleasance Plus.
  • FICORE® permits us to modify the external dimensions of rectangular baths and numerous other features such as depth.
  • Any bath built in FICORE® can be supplied in any colour or combination of colours.
  • FICORE® can be offered in most finishes, such as matt.
A worke hand finishing the rim of a Pleasance free standing bath.

The rim of the Pleasance free standing bath shows the sharpness of detail that is achievable with FICORE®.

Functional benefits:

  • The insulating qualities of FICORE® keep the water hot over six times longer than acrylic and over twelve times longer than vitreous enamelled metal. For bathers who enjoy a long soak, this can translate into extended relaxation and appreciable savings on water and energy.
  • Its tactile surface always remains warm to the touch.

Installation benefits:

  • FICORE® is immensely strong and resilient, but not heavy.
  • It requires no framework to assemble or install.


  • The hard surface of FICORE® means that it can easily be kept clean of normal dirt and grease. Any build-up of hard water stains and soiling can, if necessary, be wiped clean with a soft, wet, warm cloth and a cleaning agent such as Cif or Ecover. Harsh abrasive cleaners should not be used.
  • It is resistant to most chemicals – whether acid or alkaline.
  • It is resistant to cigarette burns.
  • It is more impervious to damage than most other bath materials. However, if it is damaged, it can be completely repaired as new – unlike many alternative materials.
  • It is guaranteed for 25 years. (See ‘The Cabuchon Guarantee‘, below.)

In sum, FICORE® gives longer life and better performance for your investment. A technical paper and samples are available on request.

Download the FICORE reference sheet. (PDF 414k)

VITRITE® – Ceramic Reproduction

VITRITE® is another of our unique materials, used whenever a ceramic reproduction finish is required. We developed it for use on bespoke baths and short-run projects for architects, healthcare organisations and certain other business clients.

VITRITE® has all the same advantages of FICORE® and is substantially lighter and more resilient than the ceramic materials it is designed to supersede.

It has a very similar finish to conventional ceramics but, importantly, it is extremely robust; it is far more resistant to chipping, it is easier to repair and it is not susceptible to crazing. It also retains heat very effectively and it permits exceptionally fine detailing.

Download the VITRITE reference sheet. (PDF 391k)

The Cabuchon Guarantee

Since its inception, Cabuchon Bathforms has always been at the forefront of bath design and manufacturing technology. As a result of this lifetime commitment to quality, we are able to offer this robust and meaningful guarantee:

Cabuchon Bathforms guarantees that its products are fit for the purpose intended in their design, that they conform to the current relevant published specification and that they are free from defects in workmanship or materials.
A Cabuchon Bathforms product made from FICORE® carries a 25 year guarantee against structural failure, loss of rigidity and surface breakdown.

In the unlikely event of any of the these faults occurring, Cabuchon will undertake – after proof of purchase, inspection and analysis – either to exchange the faulty product for a new product of the same specification or, at its discretion, and if the fault is minor, to repair and refurbish at its own expense. Cabuchon will not accept liability for any consequential loss. Its judgement on cause is final.

Cabuchon Bathforms’ guarantee does not cover:

  • Damage caused by misuse, poor maintenance or lack of care.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Damage or deterioration caused by unprofessional or improper installation resulting in faults such as (but not limited to) poor sealing, instability, the weight of bath not being self supported, excessive wear, damage through stress impact or poor plumbing.
  • Damage caused by failure of waterproof sealing at any holes drilled for any purposes such as (but not limited to) brassware, water intakes, jets, underwater lights etc.
  • Damage caused by exposure to aggressive chemicals, abrasive or destructive cleaning materials, superheated agents or naked flame and objects such as lighted smoking materials.
  • Faults caused by additions or alterations to the product made without Cabuchon’s prior knowledge and agreement.

Download a PDF version of the Cabuchon-Bathforms-25-Year-Guarantee.

Our Hydrotherapy System Guarantee

For Hydrotherapy spa bath customers, we offer additional guarantees on the pipework, pump and controls.

Operative checking the jointing on a hydrotherapy system.

All pipework and jointing is guaranteed for the buyer’s lifetime.

On all our hydrotherapy spa systems we guarantee:

  • All pipe-work and jointing for the buyer’s lifetime.
  • Each pump, motor and related system components for one year.
  • All electronic controls for one year.
  • That each system will comply with the relevant standards and regulations regarding building, plumbing and electrical safety in the country in which the system is to be installed.

Worldwide Customer Support

We serve customers worldwide. We are therefore adept at arranging international deliveries and ensuring that our products are designed and documented to comply with all relevant regulations operating in the recipient’s country or region. However, our commitment doesn’t end there. Our guarantees apply equally outside the UK and we will always do everything possible to ensure customers are wholly satisfied with their purchases. If you have any problems or questions, please do let us know and we’ll do all we can to help.

Find Out More

For more information about guarantees, repairs or after-sales support, please contact our customer services team.

UK customers, please dial 01524 66022.
International customers, please dial +44 1524 66022.