Elysia Built-in Rectangular Bath

The stylish, asymmetric Elysia inset bath is double-ended for versatility, and is available in two alternative styles. One has a tap/faucet deck on the rear rim, as shown in the first image, whilst the other has continuous, plain rims, as shown in the second.



The Elysia Rectangular Bath

The Elysia rectangular bath has a pronounced inner slope at either end to enable easy reclining and, with its shallow seats, it is extremely comfortable for single or shared bathing.

There is a noticeable asymmetry in its design – the rear edge being straight and raised 10mm / about one third of an inch above the elegantly bowed front face. Whilst this makes it a visual tour de force, it means that the rim is not completely flat and the bath must therefore be installed as a drop-in / inset bath rather than being under-mounted.



Like other built-in baths in the Cabuchon range, the Elysia can, for an additional cost, be supplied with custom-made side panels. The use of one or more panels allows the Elysia to be used in a corner, against a wall or in an alcove.

Unlike most other built-in baths, the Elysia is also available as a true free standing bath with four side panels manufactured as an integral part of the bath. More information can be found on the free standing Elysia page.

Access and fitting:

Turned on its side, the Elysia built-in bath will pass through a standard door, assuming a width of at least 750mm / 29½″.

Taps, hand showers and any hydrotherapy controls may be mounted wherever good plumbing practices allow. However, as a double-ended bath, the Elysia works best when they are mounted centrally, either on its rear rim or on the adjacent wall. The bath can be supplied with a flat tap deck built in to the rear rim , or the whole of that rear can be supplied flat. (See photograph at top of page.) Fitting taps at one of the ends is not advised as it would obviously limit the potential for comfortable shared bathing.

The Elysia is normally supplied with pre-drilled holes for the waste and overflow. However, holes are not typically pre-drilled for taps and other fittings or controls. This allows the owner to work with the installer on-site and to chose the best possible position for these items.

The Elysia inset bath is supplied with four screw-threaded feet, allowing a height adjustment of 500mm (2″). This adjusts the height between a minimum and maximum of 90mm and 140mm (3½″ and 5½″). These feet are factory-fitted and set to spread the bath’s weight evenly. During installation on-site, great care must be taken if the feet are subsequently adjusted to accommodate a sloping or uneven floor. For security, stability and durability, it is essential that the whole of the bath’s weight rests squarely and evenly on the feet. No weight at all should rest on the rim or body of the bath, nor (where present) on any side panel.

Download the detailed Elysia Specification Sheet. (PDF.)

To discuss special design requirements, customisation queries or any other issue, please use our reply form or call the Cabuchon customer services team.


External length: 1820mm / 71¾″
External width: 850mm / 33½″
External depth at rear: 455mm / 18″

Capacity: 248 litres. (56 Imperial gallons / 67¼ US gallons.)

Full internal and external dimensions are shown on the Elysia Specification Sheet.

Material: FICORE®.

Colour choice:

Like all Cabuchon baths, the Elysia double-ended bath is made from FICORE®. Customers can therefore choose it in any colour to match, for example, existing sanitaryware. For a small extra charge, special colours can also be specified to match, for example, the base colour of stone, textile, tile or paint.

The Elysia inset bath is suitable for the inclusion of a Hydrotherapy system.






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