Enhancing the Spa Bath Experience

Once you have selected the Hydrotherapy system that's best for you, the next question is what additional features you need to complete your perfect spa bath experience. For a touch of added luxury or to enhance the comfort and therapeutic effect of your bath, it's well worth considering some further options, which we place before you here.

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Chromotherapy is an ancient form of treatment that uses light and colour to help set a mood and so induce subtle physiological changes. By adding modern underwater chromotherapy lights to your spa bath, you can indulge in the ultimate ‘wellness experience.’


Chromotherapy practitioners use seven specific colours to achieve particular effects and states of mind:

• Violet to relax muscles and calm the mind
• Indigo for a sedative, calming effect
• Blue to calm the nerves and encourage contemplation
• Green to soften the mood, calm the nerves and rest the eyes
• Yellow for optimism, vitality, and to combat depression – especially in winter
• Orange for pleasure and enthusiasm
• Red for stimulation of physical and mental energy – a feeling of empowerment

Detail showing side jets below a chromotherapy light; a typical configuration for spa baths.

Detail showing side jets below a chromotherapy light.

Cabuchon’s chromotherapy lights are produced using energy efficient light emitting diodes (LED), which only ever grow gently warm to the touch and are completely safe. They can be set for each colour separately at any time, or they can be set to cycle through a sequence of all seven. The photographs above show these colours and how the chromotherapy underwater lights are set in the bath tub wall. No bath needs more than two be effective. For most spa baths, one will suffice.

Please note that chromotherapy is only available as an option when the hydrotherapy spa system is fitted with electronic (rather than manual/pneumatic) controls.

Water Temperature Controls

To maintain a preset water temperature, an in-line water heater is mounted on the pump and switches on and off automatically with the pump. This means that long soaks in a relaxing spa bath need not be spoiled by the water becoming cool. Far more convenient and restful than ‘topping up’ – partly emptying and refilling the bath – it also constitutes a more energy efficient method of maintaining a comfortable, therapeutic temperature.

Whether or not you choose the in-line option, always look for a Hydrotherapy spa bath that retains heat effectively. The material from which the bath is made plays a crucial role in this. Because Cabuchon’s Hydrotherapy baths are made from the proprietary composite material, FICORE®, they retain heat far more efficiently than almost any other bath. They keep the water hot more than six times longer than acrylic – from which most baths are made – and more than 12 times longer than vitreous enamelled steel or cast iron.

For more information or advice about adding features to enhance your Hydrotherapy spa bath experience, please contact us.

Bluetooth Sound System

While colour is clearly a mood-altering option that enriches the hydrotherapy experience, so too is sound. With Cabuchon’s Bluetooth Sound System, customers can enjoy their favourite music  from the comfort of their own spa bath.

The system is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device – be that a phone, tablet, laptop or similar – and it has a receiving range of up to 20 metres. When it receives the digital signal, it converts it into vibrations that transfer directly into the bathtub walls – effectively turning the bath itself into one large speaker.

The sound quality is  excellent and the system is as intuitive and easy to use as any ordinary Bluetooth speaker. By adding another element of luxury to bath time, Cabuchon’s Bluetooth Sound System can form an important part of the ‘ultimate relaxation package.’