Imersa Deep Soaking Tub (traditional style)

The history-making Imersa deep soaking bath was Cabuchon’s original ofuro-style tub – a bath that allows luxurious, deeply submerged bathing. In it, the bather is well supported by the Imersa’s carefully contoured seat, back and sides whilst being buoyed up by the mass of water itself. The result is a profoundly comfortable experience that is unlike anything to be encountered in a traditionally shaped bath.


Imersa – the World’s First Modern Deep Soaking Tub

Launched nearly 25 years ago, the Imersa deep soaking bath was the world’s first modern deep soaking tub.

Today, its traditional styling remains very popular and it is available in two standard sizes. The two models are the same depth but the difference is evident in their length and width, both internally and externally. The larger bath is recommended for larger customers (i.e. when the bather is over 1.8m / 6 feet tall), or simply where space permits. The dimensions of the two baths are listed below.

To facilitate access and exit, both versions of the Imersa are fitted with grab bars on either side. As standard, these can be supplied in solid clear acrylic or in metal – with a chrome or ‘antique gold’ finish. If required, nickel silver grab bars can be fitted instead. On a bespoke basis, other materials and finishes can also be specified. Customers can therefore choose a finish to match, for example, existing taps/brassware or other interior accessories.

Use and Placement:

Owing to its greater depth, the Imersa should normally be provided with a low step to aid entry and exit as shown above. Alternatively, the bath may be sunk into a deck or floor, rendering the step unnecessary.

Like all of Cabuchon’s deep soaking bath tubs, the Imersa can be installed in a variety of different ways. It can be set into a corner or niche, or it can be installed as a free standing unit. It may also be used inset, beneath a decorative wood or marble surround. The need for side panels will therefore depend on the customer’s particular intentions.

Please note that the Imersa requires an extended waste/overflow and the overflow can be situated in any of the three walls of the well. (‘Extended’ means with a longer than usual cable for operating the waste plug.) Alternatively, an extended version of a combined filler/overflow obviates the need for a spout; this is a stylish and popular solution that works particularly well with a small bath.

Access and fitting:

Turned on their sides, both bath sizes will pass through a standard door, assuming a minimum width of 730mm / 29″.

Space permitting, taps/faucets can be mounted in any location and the overflow can be located in any of the walls of the well. As an extra-deep bath, the Imersa requires an extended waste/overflow. It is normally supplied with holes pre-drilled for the waste and overflow but not for the taps or other fittings. Leaving these undrilled allows more flexibility during on-site installations when choosing the precise locations of spouts, taps and hand-showers.

Likewise, any additional grab bars (beyond the two that feature in the Imersa’s standard design) are supplied loose and no holes are pre-drilled when the deep soaking tub is delivered. This is a deliberate policy based on experience and it is intended to give customers the greatest degree of choice about the grab bars’ precise placement when they can see the bath in situ. Shape, gauge, length and method of use are all personal to each owner so placement is best decided after appropriate trial and discussion.

The Imersa deep soaking bath is built with an integrated steel chassis and four screw-threaded feet, which allow a height adjustment of 65mm. This means the bath can be set to a maximum height of 885mm and a minimum of 820mm. (35″ maximum and 32¼” minimum.) These adjustable feet are factory-fitted and set to spread the bath’s weight evenly. During installation on-site, great care must be taken if the feet are subsequently adjusted to accommodate a sloping or uneven floor. For security, stability and durability, it is essential that the whole of the bath’s weight rests squarely and evenly on the feet. No weight at all should rest on the rim or body of the bath, nor (where present) on any side panel.

Download the detailed Imersa Specification Sheet. (PDF: 98KB.)

Dimensions and Specifications:


Standard Imersa:

(External dimensions) 1220mm x 865mm / 48” x 34”
(Internal dimensions) 1020mm x 645mm / 40.5” x 25½”

Large Imersa:

(External dimensions) 1370mm x 865mm / 54” x 34”
(Internal dimensions) 1170mm x 645mm / 46” x 25½”

Both baths:

Internal depth: 710mm / 28”
Bath height: 850mm / 33½” with feet.

Full internal and external dimensions are shown on the Imersa Deep Soaking Bath Specification Sheet.


Required (unless the bath is installed sunken or semi-sunken. The dimensions of the external step should be chosen to suit the client.)

Material: FICORE®

Panels and colour choice:


Cabuchon does not supply the Imersa with side or end panels as a standard feature but, for an additional fee, it will gladly manufacture one or more bespoke panels. These are supplied separately from the tub to facilitate on-site plumbing and installation. For strength and rigidity, panels are supplied as one piece no matter how many sides are to be enclosed.

A panel can be supplied to cover anything from one to four sides, depending on the intended installation:

  • One side: for installation as a niche/alcove bath
  • Two sides: when the Imersa is to be used as a corner bath
  • Three sides: for installation part way along a wall
  • Four sides: when the Imersa is to be used free standing

More information about panel choices, illustrations, and details of what and how to order, can be found on our main Deep Soaking Tubs page.

Colour choice:

FICORE® can be produced in literally any colour – e.g. to match other sanitaryware or the base colour of stone, fabric or wallpaper. For a small extra fee, colour combinations are also possible. The Imersa may also be supplied in a non-standard matt finish, or primed ready for a specialist paint finish.

More information about colour choice can be found on our Bath Tub Options page.

“I want the folks in the manufacturing department to know they have one VERY happy client!”

Mrs A. D. Washington State, USA

Read the full testimonial here.


“I must commend you all on your courtesy and wonderful customer service. It is with great pleasure that I enclose, as promised, some pictures of our beautiful (Imersa) bath – fully installed and working. It was christened today and was heaven to bathe in. It is absolutely fabulous and we are thrilled with it. Thank you so much for all your help. You have all been great from start to finish and we would unreservedly recommend your company to anyone. Our plumbers were rather excited too and apparently pictures of our bath have been shown in various pubs around Macclesfield! It is perfect and all that we hoped for.”

Mrs H. Macclesfield, England.

Read the full testimonial here.

The Imersa and Hydrotherapy:

The Imersa was one of our very first Hydrotherapy baths and it has been proving its effectiveness for almost a quarter of a century. Its integrated seat and deep seated posture both promote greater relaxation and the steep sided walls ensure the water jets can be accurately targeted to deliver maximum benefit to soft tissue.

In all our Hydrotherapy baths, the placement of the water jets is always personally tailored to suit the needs and physique of the individual.

Please see our Hydrotherapy section for more details.






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