Artesia Free Standing Bath

The Artesia is an oval, free standing bath. Classically styled, it is a double-ended tub that is ideal for comfortable shared bathing. It is available in two different configurations. One has plain rims and the other has a tap/faucet deck on the rear rim.

Both versions of the Artesia are available with or without a plinth. The plinth adds height and extra visual impact, and may be chosen in a colour which contrasts with the bath itself.


Artesia Free Standing Bath

Designed to be comfortable for either one or two people, the Artesia free standing bath has a strong, oval design that works beautifully in both traditional and contemporary interiors. The curved ends recline gently and support the user during long, relaxing soaks.

The bath is available with or without a plinth.

Access and fitting:

One version of the Artesia features a tap deck, where taps and other fittings can be mounted. On the plain-rimmed version, taps and other fittings can be mounted wherever space and good plumbing practices allow. However, since the bath is double-ended, taps and spouts should not be installed at the ends, where they would prevent a bather from reclining comfortably.

Like all Cabuchon free standing baths, the Artesia double-ended bath tub is normally supplied with only the waste and overflow holes pre-drilled. This allows the owner and installer greater choice when deciding, on-site, on the precise positioning of spouts, taps and hand-showers. The best way to decide this is when the owner can see the bath in situ. The installer can then be instructed accordingly.

The Artesia can be turned on its side to pass through a door with a standard width of 750mm / 29½″.

The Artesia oval bath is supplied with four screw-threaded feet, which allow a height adjustment range of 50mm (2″). These adjustable feet are factory-fitted and set to spread the bath’s weight evenly. During installation on-site, great care must be taken if the feet are subsequently adjusted to accommodate a sloping or uneven floor. For security, stability and durability, it is essential that the whole of the bath’s weight rests squarely and evenly on the feet – and not at all on the body of the bath.

Detailed installation instructions are provided on page two of the Artesia Specification Sheet. (PDF.)


External dimensions: 1766mm x 873mm / 69½” x 34¼”
External height: 668mm / 26¼” (with plinth); 570mm / 22½” (without).
Internal depth: 450mm / 17¾”

Capacity: 220 litres. (50 Imperial gallons / 60 US gallons.)

Full internal and external dimensions are shown on the Artesia Specification Sheet.

Material: FICORE®

Colour choice:

The use of FICORE® allows Cabuchon to supply the Artesia free standing bath in literally any colour, or in any combination of colours.  (Optionally, for example, the plinth can be specified in a different colour to the bath.) FICORE® can be made to match the colour of existing sanitaryware or, if the customer is able to provide a sample, it can also be made to match the base colour of materials such as stone, wood, fabric, paint or ceramic.

Cabuchon can match any established – and many discontinued– sanitaryware colours in its standard pricing. For other colours, a small charge is payable. The natural finish of FICORE® is high gloss but, optionally, it can also be provided ready-primed for the application of special paint effects. A matt finish can be supplied for an extra charge.

The Artesia free standing bath is not suitable for the inclusion of a Hydrotherapy system.






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