Oberon Built-in Circular Bath

The Oberon built-in bath is a striking circular bath tub that makes a stylish statement. It can be installed either as an inset/drop-in bath or undermounted beneath a deck.

With a diameter of 1423mm / 56” it provides ample space to lie back and relax, and it appears particularly impressive when set into a tiered, stepped deck, as shown in the first of the accompanying photographs. (This shows the Oberon in the ‘Big Brother’ TV studio setting. Here, it is inset in a wooden deck.)



The Oberon Circular Bath

The Oberon is a circular bath especially well suited for the use of Hydrotherapy systems.

Large and roomy, it is a spectacular round bath and is suitable for shared / family bathing. It works especially well as the centrepiece of a large, luxury bathroom but it can also be set close to a wall or into a corner.


Access and fitting:

As a circular bath the Oberon can be turned on its side and will pass easily through a standard door. Laid out normally, the Oberon is 505mm (20″) high whereas a typical door will have a width of around 750mm / 29½″.

Taps and other controls can be fitted on the bath rim if the bath is to be inset. Alternatively, they may be fitted to the deck whether the Oberon is to be inset or undermounted. They can also be fitted to an adjacent wall if available. The only restrictions are those imposed by the principles of good plumbing.

The Oberon is supplied with only the waste and overflow holes pre-drilled. Holes are not pre-cut for the placement of spout, taps, hand-showers and hydrotherapy controls. This is simply to allow the customer the freedom to determine exact placements when the bath can be seen in situ. The installer can then drill the holes and place the various items precisely where they are required.

The Oberon round bath is supplied with four screw-threaded feet, which allow up to 50mm (2″) of height adjustment. The height of the feet can be set anywhere between 90mm and 140mm (3½″ and 5½″). These adjustable feet are factory-fitted and set to spread the bath’s weight evenly. During installation on-site, great care must be taken if the feet are subsequently adjusted to accommodate a sloping or uneven floor. For security, stability and durability, it is essential that the whole of the bath’s weight rests squarely and evenly on the feet. No weight at all should rest on the rim or body of the bath, nor (where present) on any side panel.

Download the detailed Oberon Specification Sheet. (PDF.)


External diameter: 1423mm / 56″
Internal diameter: 1213mm / 47¾″
Internal depth: 505mm / 20″

Capacity: 350 litres. (77 Imperial gallons / 92 US gallons.)

Full internal and external dimensions are shown on the Oberon Specification Sheet.

Material: FICORE®

Colour choice:

The Oberon bath is made from FICORE®, which can be produced in literally any colour. Within Cabuchon’s standard pricing, it will match the colour of other manufacturers’ established sanitaryware or that of many discontinued lines. For a small extra charge, it can also match the base colour of stone, textile, ceramic or paint.

The Oberon circular bath is suitable for the inclusion of a Hydrotherapy system.






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