Calyx Deep Soaking Tub (minimalist style)

The Calyx deep soaking bath is the minimalist version of two of the company’s most popular Japanese-style tubs – the Nirvana and Imersa. There are two sizes available, which differ in both length and width.

Introduced in response to numerous customer demands for a Minimalist soaking tub, the two Calyx luxury baths were launched in 2010. Important developments include their simple lines, which respond to an increasing consumer trend towards minimalist styling, and the optimisation of internal space. The new design preserves the classical deep soaking characteristics of the traditional Japanese ofuro tub but yields an increase in internal bowl size of nearly 30% when compared to the Imersa.



The Calyx Deep Soaking Tub – Minimalist Style

Designed at the request of customers who wanted a striking, minimalist-style bath, the Calyx deep soaking tub suits modern interiors where the emphasis is on clean lines and simplicity.

The Calyx also works well in compact bathrooms. It requires much less water to fill than a conventionally shaped bath (just 177 litres / 47 U.S. gallons for the smaller model) and it takes up significantly less floor space. In it, the bather is submerged to the upper chest and is able to sit comfortably in a relaxed posture.

The Calyx has lower sides than the Nirvana or the Imersa but it is also made with a lower seat so the effective depth of water for a seated bather is the same. Its reduced overall height means that a step is optional rather than required.

In whatever form it is used, the Calyx deep soaking bath is highly versatile: it adds a touch of luxury to even small bathrooms and it is compatible with shower screens and overhead showers.

Use and Placement:

The Calyx may be fitted with panels and used freestanding, or it can be sunk into the floor or into a raised deck.

It is suitable for use with a bath-screen or shower screen.

Access and fitting:

There are two sizes of Calyx. Turned on their sides, either soaking tub will pass through a standard door with a minimum width of 730mm / 29″.

Taps can be mounted in any location where space permits and the overflow can be located in any one of the three walls of the well. The Calyx requires an extended waste/overflow. This means that the cable that operates the waste plug needs to be longer than for conventional baths. The bath tub is normally supplied with the only the waste and overflow holes pre-drilled. This allows greater flexibility on-site when choosing the precise positioning of spouts, taps and hand-showers.

The Calyx deep soaking bath tub is strong enough to permit optional grab bars to be fitted.  These are supplied separately and should be fitted on site after trial and discussion. Shape, gauge, length and method of  use are all personal to each owner. For this same reason, Cabuchon does not pre-drill holes for grab bars.

The Calyx is supplied with four screw-threaded feet, allowing a height adjustment of up to 20mm/1″. These adjustable feet are factory-fitted and set to spread the bath’s weight evenly. During installation on-site, great care must be taken if the feet are subsequently adjusted to accommodate a sloping or uneven floor. For security, stability and durability, it is essential that the whole of the bath’s weight rests squarely and evenly on the feet. No weight at all should rest on the rim or body of the bath, nor (where present) on any side panel.

Download the detailed Calyx Deep Soaking Bath Specification Sheet. (PDF: 80KB.)

Dimensions and Specifications:

Calyx 1230: 1230mm x 815mm / 48.5” x 32” (external dimensions)
Calyx 1440: 1440mm x 850mm / 56.75” x 33½” (external dimensions)
Both baths have an internal depth of 630mm / 24¾”.

Full internal and external dimensions are shown on the Calyx Specification Sheet.

Step: Optional. (The dimensions of any external step should be chosen to suit the client.)

Material: FICORE®

Download the detailed Calyx Deep Soaking Bath Specification Sheet. (PDF: 258KB.)

Panels and colour choice:


As the Calyx may be used inset or undermounted, panels are often not required. Cabuchon deep soaking baths are therefore supplied without standard panels but, upon request, the Calyx can be provided with bespoke panels. These are supplied loose as a single piece to be fitted at the time of installation. (This enables easy access to the drain and other plumbing.)

A panel can be supplied to cover anything from one to four sides, depending on the intended installation:

  • One side: for installation as a niche/alcove bath
  • Two sides: when the Calyx is to be used as a corner bath
  • Three sides: for installation part way along a wall
  • Four sides: when the Calyx is to be used free standing

More information about panel choices, illustrations, and details of what and how to order, can be found on our main Deep Soaking Tubs page.

Colour choice:

The use of FICORE® means customers can specify the Calyx in literally any colour. For a small extra charge, colour combinations are also possible. The bath may also be supplied in a non-standard matt finish, or primed in readiness for a specialist paint finish.

More information about colour choices can be found on our Bath Options page.

“I am very happy with the contact I have had from everyone at Cabuchon. They were able to arrange delivery to Northern Ireland to fit my timescale. It arrived exactly on time. The Calyx 1230 fits perfectly in the space, with just enough room for all the pipework. The bath was exactly as described, dimensions were spot on, especially as I have a narrow doorway into my bathroom and a very narrow bathroom.”

Mrs S.N. County Down, Northern Ireland.

Read the full testimonial here.


“I am delighted with my Cabuchon soaking tub. I actually found the firm on line and imported the tub to the west coast of Canada! Amazingly, the whole process was entirely hassle-free, with support from the Cabuchon folks every step of the way. Customer service really is their watch word. All things considered, the additional costs of importation were considerably less than I was expecting and, for such a unique product, entirely worth it.”

Mrs L.W. Vancouver, Canada.

Read the full testimonial here.


“Customer delight is the absolute priority at The Vincent so it’s important that every aspect of the guest experience is positive and memorable. In the bathrooms, the tubs provided by Cabuchon play an important role in realising this; their look and feel fits in very well with the hotel’s boutique design and they always make a striking first impression. They’re elegant but quirky and they take us well away from the ordinary, which is the goal we’ve always pursued. We get some really good feedback from guests about the baths and they seem to appeal particularly to younger, design-conscious customers.”

Damon Yoxall, General Manager, Vincent Hotel, Southport, England.

Read the full testimonial here.


“Cabuchon provided a perfect bathtub solution for specific client and design requirements for a deep soaking tub within an existing bathroom. The bathtub imparts crisp, clean lines that enhance the contemporary rectilinear design theme of the whole room.”

Ms J.H. Architect, Seattle, Washington State, USA.

Read the full testimonial here.


“We’re delighted with the finished product. The bath in particular is a smash hit, with all of our visitors keen to try it out. It’s just perfect… and we’re amazed at how long the water stays hot. All in all we couldn’t be happier with the end result. Once again, thanks to all at Cabuchon; it was a real pleasure to deal with such a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable company – we would be happy to recommend you to anyone.”

Mr A.L. Helensburgh, Scotland.

Read the full testimonial here.

The Calyx and Hydrotherapy systems:

All our deep soaking tubs make outstanding Hydrotherapy baths and the Calyx – in either size – is no exception. The in-built seat and the the greater depth enjoyed by the bather both promote improved relaxation, while the proximity of the water jets ensures that soft tissues derive maximum benefit from heat transference and the water’s massaging effect.

All Hydrotherapy systems should be tailored to the needs of the individual user. Consequently, for an added cost, a bespoke system can be fitted to the Calyx to deliver the pinnacle of deep soaking luxury and pleasure.

Please see our Hydrotherapy section for more details.






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3D of the 1440 Calyx Bath

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