Regency Free Standing Bath

The Regency traditional bath, based on the classic Robert Adam style, is ideally suited to truly classical interiors.

With its elegantly bowed end and precise panel detail, it offers a quality of design and finish that is simply unparalleled. The effect is particularly striking in peninsular form –  i.e. projecting straight out from a wall, as shown above.


The Regency Free Standing Panelled Bath

Featuring a decorative panel that covers the sides and bowed end, the Regency lends itself to use in traditional bathroom designs.

The bath panel, or the panel insets, can be supplied in a different colour to set off the frame. They can also be prepared for decoration with other finishes or materials. (See Options.)

Despite its traditional styling, the Regency offers all the benefits of 21st century materials and technologies. It is made from Cabuchon’s own composite, FICORE®, which retains heat far more effectively than conventional materials, and it is fully compatible with Cabuchon’s Hydrotherapy systems and chromotherapy systems.

A perfect blend of quality craftsmanship, advanced materials and classical styling, the Regency is ideally suited for use in all traditional bathroom interiors.


When the Regency is installed in its most spectacular form – called ‘peninsular’ – with its square end against the wall and the bath projecting into the room, the panel required will cover two sides and the bowed end.

If the bath is to be set into a corner, with either the left or the right side against a wall, then the panel will consist of just one long side – specified right or left – and the bowed end. This is known as a front/end panel. Note, please, that for for maximum stability and rigidity, the bath panel will always be supplied in one piece, regardless of how many sides are to be covered.

Access and fitting:

Turned on its side, the Regency will pass through a door with a standard width of 750mm / 29½″).

Taps and other fittings are normally mounted on the rim nearest to the wall but they can be installed wherever good plumbing allows. The bath may also be used with a free standing riser or wall-mounted taps and fillers. As an oval bath, it can be used double-ended if the two ends are kept free from taps, spouts and other fittings.

Like all Cabuchon baths, the Regency will normally be supplied with pre-drilled holes for the waste and overflow. Holes are not usually pre-cut for taps or other fittings. This is because the exact positioning of such items is best agreed as a result of on-site trials and discussions with the installer. The only exception to this relates to hydrotherapy systems and their controls, which are fitted in the Cabuchon workshop prior to despatch.

The Regency stands on four screw-threaded feet, which allow up to 50mm of height adjustment. Their maximum height is 140mm / 5½”. These adjustable feet are factory-fitted and set to spread the bath’s weight evenly. During installation on-site, great care must be taken if the feet are subsequently adjusted to accommodate a sloping or uneven floor. For security, stability and durability, it is essential that the whole of the bath’s weight rests squarely and evenly on the feet – and not at all on the body of the bath.

All bath dimensions are listed in the Regency Specification Sheet. (PDF.)

For more information about the Regency free standing traditional bath, please use our reply form or call the Cabuchon customer services team.


External dimensions: 1760mm x 850mm / 69¼″ x 33½″
External height: 550mm / 21¾”
Internal depth: 445mm / 17½”

Capacity: 216 litres. (48 Imperial gallons / 57½ US gallons.)

Full internal and external dimensions are shown on the Regency Specification Sheet.

Material: FICORE®


Colour choice:

The Regency traditional bath tub can be supplied in any colour and, for an additional charge, in any combination of colours. We recognise that customers may often wish to match the colour of an existing item of sanitaryware so, within our standard pricing, we will precisely match any one established standard colour. We can also match many discontinued sanitaryware colours.

As an optional extra, customers can request that the Regency’s panel be supplied in a different colour to that of the bath itself. As noted above, customers have additional colour options. These include having the rectangular panel insets supplied in a different colour to set off the frame or, as an alternative to priming for paint, having them prepared for rag-rolling or the application of decorative paper or fabric.

Moreover, the use of FICORE® means that the bath and/or its panel can be supplied in special colours to match, for example, a fabric or paint sample chosen by the customer. Cabuchon can also match the base colour of stone, wood or marble.

In its standard form, FICORE® has a high gloss finish but, on request and for a small additional fee, the Regency may be supplied with a matt finish or ready-primed to enable special paint effects to be applied.

The Regency free standing panelled bath may be used with a Cabuchon Hydrotherapy system.

For more information about tailoring your Hydrotherapy system, please see our Hydrotherapy section.






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