Why Choose Cabuchon?

Cabuchon is a designer and manufacturer of some of the world’s best baths. Its products rank amongst the most attractive, stylish, robust and functional baths currently available. A producer of international award-winning designs, tailored hydrotherapy systems and the industry’s most celebrated range of deep soaking tubs, Cabuchon has a pedigree that is second to none.

Why Choose Cabuchon?

Customers choose Cabuchon for its outstanding range and for the clear functional superiority of its products. They value the quality and durability of its baths, and the confidence that comes from working with one of the most knowledgeable – and most genuinely helpful – companies in the industry.

The way we treat our customers today determines the future of our business, so our priority is always to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction. We offer choice, quality and a courteous, patient service. Coupling  decades of experience coupled with worldwide support, we help customers to solve their bathroom design challenges and to enjoy an altogether more satisfying bathing experience.

Cabuchon Quality

The Elysia - a high quality, hand made bath by Cabuchon Bathforms

Our craftsmanship, materials and guarantees

All Cabuchon baths are hand-made and custom-built by our experienced team of highly skilled  British craftsmen. Here, you can read more about what really makes Cabuchon baths special: the skills we apply, the materials we use and our ability to customise baths and hydrotherapy systems to suit each customer’s needs. Learn about our unique 25 year guarantee and our worldwide support.

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What Our Customers Say

A high quality bath in an award-winning bathroom design.

Customer projects and testimonials

For over 25 years, Cabuchon has helped customers throughout the world to enjoy greater comfort, luxury and value. Offering immense experience and a wealth of customisation options, we excel in solving design problems for our clients. In this section, we present examples of recent customer projects and the part we have played in creating modern, truly sumptuous bathrooms.

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About Cabuchon

Cabuchon Bathforms is a division of Design & Form Limited, which was established in 1983 as a specialist manufacturer of bespoke luxury baths. The company was founded on the belief that baths could be made more elegant, comfortable, functional and longer-lasting through better design and the use of advanced modern materials.

Thus inspired, we went on to develop our own proprietary specialist composites – FICORE® and ceramic-reproduction VITRITE® – materials that conferred invaluable benefits in terms of strength, rigidity, durability, heat retention and fineness of detail. These materials are available from no other manufacturer, and their use is key to the matchless quality of our baths. Both were deliberately developed to answer the shortcomings of other materials traditionally used in bath manufacture. In fact, FICORE® was the first material ever developed specifically for baths.

Images showing the detailing that is made possible with the use of Ficore.

Images showing the detailing that is made possible with the use of FICORE®.

In 1990, our success in designing and building bathtubs and shower cubicles for other companies led us to to seek a wider stage and our own brand name. We developed a range of designs that carried through our principles – most fundamentally that a bath’s function was as important as its style – and thus, Cabuchon* was born.

(* Note: The name Cabuchon derives from a jeweller’s term denoting a particular cut to create a new facet in a large jewel.)

Unrivalled Choice

Our product range includes spectacular free standing baths, a wide range of baths that can be built-in to the structure of a bathroom, and an array of space-saving deep soaking tubs that permit exceptionally comfortable bathing. Enabling a more naturally relaxing posture than conventionally-shaped baths, deep soaking tubs are beginning to change bathing habits worldwide.

In 1991, we also introduced and developed our own range of custom-built hydrotherapy spa systems, which are engineered to be supremely comfortable and durable. They are also therapeutically more effective than many well known brands of whirlpools. Hydrotherapy spa systems make an essential contribution to the ultimate bathing experience and, though they can be fitted to most Cabuchon baths, they work particularly well with deep soaking tubs.

None of our products are sold off the shelf. We hand-craft every product, so we can modify our designs to meet a wide variety of different requirements. For example, if a customer needs a bath to fit a particular space, we can change the external dimensions of most of our baths by building them with slightly wider or narrower rims. We can also supply our baths in literally any colour or, indeed, in any combination of colours. (Please see Bath Tub Options for more details.)

Moreover, as a result of our unique skills and experience, we can also offer a wholly customised solution. For projects when only a truly bespoke bath will suffice, we can produce a beautiful, one-off bath exclusively designed for the customer’s individual needs.

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We have built our reputation on our ability to produce baths of the very highest quality, and we sell to discerning customers worldwide. If you would like to discover what Cabuchon Bathforms can do for your bathroom, please contact our customer services team.

UK customers, please dial 01524 66022.
International customers, please dial +44 1524 66022.