Bespoke Baths and Custom Bath Design

Custom bath design opens up a wealth of new options. Whether you’ve been inspired by the grace of a particular shape or a dream of your perfect bathroom, Cabuchon Bathforms can turn those dreams and wishes into reality.

We can produce bespoke baths of whatever style, shape, size and function you desire. Likewise, if your choice is determined by practical constraints or specialised needs, we can provide you with the perfect bathing solution. Over our 30+ year history, we have worked with customers worldwide who will testify that we are unique among bath manufacturers in our ability to turn your vision of a custom designed, bespoke bath into a practical reality.

A bespoke luxury bath, also incorporating a custom hydrotherapy system.

A bespoke luxury bath, designed by Cabuchon.

Our quality craftsmanship, proven design expertise and the exceptional properties of our proprietary composite material, FICORE®, combine to give you complete design freedom with whatever kind of bath you require.

As the examples on this page show, we can make a bespoke tub of literally any dimensions, and with any shape, style, angles, curves, planes or colour. The fundamental shape of the bath will be exclusive to you and can incorporate features that would be impossible to obtain from mass manufacturers.

Examples of bespoke baths created for customers and showing our wide range of capability.

Examples of bespoke baths created for customers, showing our wide range of capabilities.

Custom Bath Design: the Key Stages

All our bespoke baths are designed through a process of discussion and refinement. Through the use of drawings, written communications and phone calls, we first ensure that we have a clear and certain understanding of your tastes and requirements. Having done that, we then apply our considerable expertise in luxury bath design to realise your vision and, where practical, suggest improvements or extra features that could add to your convenience or comfort.

Once we have agreed with you the exact design and specification – a discussion process that will also encompass your choice of options such as special bath colour(s), finishes, the fitting of taps, hydrotherapy spa systems or underwater lights for chromotherapy – we will then set about making the necessary tooling, on which to build the bath.

The requirement for accurately dimensioned tooling – and the fact that all our custom baths are painstakingly hand-built by our skilled team of experienced British craftsmen – means that a bespoke tub will inevitably cost more than a bath from the ‘standard’ Cabuchon range. It will also take longer to supply; the design stages, the approval of drawings and the manufacturing process can take two to three months.

Worker using polishing tool to finish a bespoke luxury bath.

Part of the finishing process on a bespoke bath.

However, for those whose first concern is quality, this tailored approach represents a wholly worthwhile investment. It will produce a luxury bespoke bath that is precisely attuned to your requirements; an utterly unique expression of your personal tastes and design aspirations.

Once built, your bath will then be fitted with any extra features you’ve chosen before being securely packaged, ready for shipment.

Custom Baths: Multiple Orders

We serve both private and commercial clients and – where and when required – we can produce multiple, accurate replicas of the same bespoke design. Most individuals will normally require only a single bespoke bath but professional clients – such as architects, interior designers, spa owners and hotel groups – may require custom baths in larger numbers. The same is true of numerous prestigious, international bathroom brands, for whom we also manufacture. We regularly deal with all such enquiries and will be happy to discuss any new project, regardless of size, complexity or location.

A hand-built birthing pool being finished.

A hand-built birthing pool being finished in the company’s factory.

Below are some additional examples of bespoke baths by Cabuchon Bathforms.

More examples of custom baths from Cabuchon Bathforms.

More examples of custom baths from Cabuchon Bathforms.

Creating a bespoke tub is a significant, though ultimately very rewarding undertaking. It requires outstanding design expertise and regular communication between design team and client. Nevertheless, the finished result can be spectacular and when you choose this solution, you can be sure of enjoying a luxury custom bath that is not only exclusive to you, but also perfectly suited to your space, your tastes and your preferences.

Find Out More About Bespoke Baths

For more information about hand-built bespoke baths, please contact our customer services team.

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