Cabuchon Hydrotherapy Spa Systems

Hydrotherapy has long been associated with sumptuous bathing but, when properly designed, it offers far more than mere indulgence. It can also deliver distinct benefits in terms of health, relaxation and long term wellbeing. For these reasons, we regard our Hydrotherapy spa tubs as the ‘jewel in the crown’ of our luxury bath range.

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a form of warm water-based massage which, like traditional hand-massage, is capable of achieving real therapeutic effect. By directing jets of water at specific muscles and soft tissue, it stimulates blood circulation and helps to reduce fluid retention. It relieves pain, tiredness and muscle tension, speeds recovery from injury, and improves/maintains joint mobility.

As a pioneer and long time leader in this field, we design and produce some of the world’s most effective and reliable Hydrotherapy spa tubs. They can be installed in all but five of our baths. (The five exceptions are identified as such on their respective product pages.) All come with a unique 25 year guarantee on the bath, and an equally unique buyer’s lifetime guarantee on all Hydrotherapy pipework and jointing.

In the sections below, we consider some of the key principles of Hydrotherapy, and what to look for when choosing a Hydrotherapy spa bath that delivers the best possible value.

hydrotherapy pressure points

The health benefits of Hydrotherapy have been recognised since Roman times. Here we consider why it works, the vital importance of custom design, and how various technologies have converged to create the industry’s very best Hydrotherapy spa tubs.
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a bespoke hydrotherapy bath

There is a world of difference between the effects of a custom designed Hydrotherapy spa system and those of a mass-produced whirlpool bath. In this section, we examine how to choose a bath that delivers superior comfort and real therapeutic value.
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a hydrotherapy bath with chromotherapy light

Adding water temperature controls and underwater lights enhances both the pleasure and effectiveness of Hydrotherapy. Chromotherapy lights use colours to create different moods, thereby inducing subtle psychological and physiological changes.
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a woman relaxing in a hydrotherapy bath

Only Cabuchon makes Hydrotherapy spa systems that are custom designed exclusively for each user. In this section, we explain key issues such as our unique guarantees, proper installation methods, electrical safety and our technical support service.
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Whether you choose a Hydrotherapy spa tub for its short or long term therapeutic benefits, or simply for its ability to soothe away the pains and tensions of the day, it represents a wholly worthwhile investment. In return, a properly chosen system should provide many years of comfort, pleasure and heightened wellbeing.

For more details about Cabuchon’s market-leading range of luxury Hydrotherapy spa tubs, please contact our customer services team.

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