Cabuchon Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We ship worldwide, and have done so since 1985!
Yes. All Cabuchon baths are designed by specialist designers working exclusively for us and each design is copyrighted in our name. Each bath is handmade by a team of skilled craftspeople working in our production facility, which is located in Lancaster, England.
Any of our rectangular or square baths can be supplied with minor modifications to standard external dimensions. This entails building it with narrower or wider rims. Rims can be reduced to a minimum when space is at a premium, or extended to eliminate awkward voids (such as in cases when baths are installed in an alcove.) Please see our ‘Bath Tub Options’ page for more details.
Prices depend upon the final configuration of each bath, which, in turn, depends on a choice of various options. Prices also vary by delivery location, dependent upon local circumstances. We ship worldwide so it would be a never-ending task to publish up to date prices for all the markets we serve. However, getting a price from us is easy: please telephone or e-mail us, telling us your address and which baths most interest you. We will provide a speedy and accurate response.
The fact that each Cabuchon bath is hand-built means that we can supply your bath in any colour, or in a combination of two or more colours. When matching known sanitary ware colours, this service is offered at no extra cost. For a small charge, however, we will match literally any other colour – such as paint, tile or fabric, or the base colour of a sample of material such as slate, marble or Corian.
The standard finish is high gloss colour but, for a fee, customers can choose to have their baths supplied in their chosen colour but with a matt finish or ready-primed for the subsequent application of specialist paint effects. Note: If a greater degree of choice and customisation is required, please see our ‘Custom Designed Bespoke baths’ page.
Yes. We can supply all but five of our baths with an inbuilt hydrotherapy system (whirlpool jets) as an optional extra. Likewise, we can also fit underwater lights (chromotherapy) and in-line water heaters that maintain the water temperature without the need for topping up.
No. We concentrate on attempting to excel as a bath manufacturer and designer. However, we do believe that choosing the right installer is as important as choosing the right bath, so we are keen to provide customers with professional advice based on our three decades of experience. If you have a query about choosing a bath installer, please contact us.
Each Cabuchon bath is hand-built to order so delivery times will typically be approximately 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of the confirmed order and payment.
The exact time may vary so if your requirement is urgent please tell us and we’ll do all we can to fit in with your deadlines.
Yes. For nearly 30 years, we have offered a bespoke bath design and manufacturing service for one-off and small-number projects. This involves a designer, draughtsmen and pattern/toolmaking so it inevitably entails more cost than buying a bath from the existing Cabuchon Bathforms range.
Every Cabuchon bath is delivered to the customer’s chosen location by prior arrangement so that the client can take receipt of it at a convenient time. All baths are securely packed in robust packaging, which will vary by destination and transport. The packaging is designed to keep each bath clean, dry and well protected during transit. Our delivery record is excellent and the number of cases in which goods have been damaged in transit numbers less than five in 30 years.
Yes, although the need for this is almost non-existent. As our 25 year guarantee indicates, FICORE® (the proprietary composite material from which we build our baths) is highly resistant to scratches, burns and day-to-day wear but in the event that the bath’s surface is damaged for any reason, it can be repaired. Please contact us before attempting a repair, however caused, to prevent voiding the guarantee.
Exactly the same as it does inside. We recognise our commitments wherever they are located, sincerely believing that our reputation determines our future.
In the U.K. and Europe, yes. Although we do not manufacture our own brassware or similar products, our showroom acts as an agency for a number of other quality international companies that do. We have ready access to their extensive ranges of high quality products and can obtain almost any item to suit the customer’s requirements. We operate a multi-product discount scheme for buyers of our baths. Please contact us for further details or to discuss your design requirements.
No. We believe that in order to excel in any field, one must specialise and, in the case of Cabuchon, we specialise in the design and manufacture of high quality, elegant but functional baths that are built from a unique material. Our baths are designed to function as a visual centrepiece of a bathroom and they are available in a variety of classic, traditional, and contemporary styles. As a result, they may be matched with basins, WCs and furniture of similar quality and style from a wide range of other manufacturers. We are always happy to discuss your preferences.

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If you have further questions, or if you’d like help choosing a bath or hydrotherapy system, please contact our customer services team.

UK customers, please dial 01524 66022.
International customers, please dial +44 1524 66022.