Built-In Baths

Once installed, a built-in bath becomes part of the bathroom’s architecture as well as the bath itself. In addition, a pleasing and popular interior design concept is to fit a built-in bath into a hard, weight-bearing surface made of a material such as marble, stone, tile or wood. This surface may be a purpose-made raised deck or corner section, or the bath may be set into a floor. In either case, there are essentially two ways of fitting a built-in bath.

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Inset Baths:

Also known as a drop-in bath, an inset bath is one that is built into a surface, leaving its rim protruding so that more of its shape and character are visible. All Cabuchon built-in baths may be installed as inset baths.

Undermounted Baths:

An undermounted bath, as the name suggests, is one that is set beneath a deck. Less of the bath is visible, and the surface that overlies it retains simpler, unbroken lines. All Cabuchon built-in baths are suitable for undermounting, with the sole exception of the Elysia. This is because the Elysia is not flat decked. Part of its distinctive style is that the rear is higher than the front.

Baths for Built-in Installation

The wide and growing range of marble, stone, tile and composite materials now available has given designers much greater latitude to produce stunning bathroom decks and surfaces. Whether used inset or undermounted, all our built-in baths are designed to work beautifully in such settings.

They can be built in as an island, set against a wall or installed in a recess or corner.

Please note that we also offer bespoke panels, decks, connection and finishing pieces. These are often useful for completing a built-in installation, and can add to the visual and functional value of your bath. If you would like to discuss a particular requirement, please contact us.

Close-up illustration of some of the shapes and features that Cabuchon can create using Ficore.

Cabuchon offers a full bespoke capability and can produce panels, decks and other custom pieces as required.

Panels for Rectangular Built-in Baths

Although our built-in baths are often set into a deck or some other existing surround, customers need not be restricted to using them in this way. Indeed, they are increasingly being chosen for free standing installations. As an additional option, we therefore offer bespoke FICORE® panels for all sizes of our rectangular built-in baths – which is to say four sizes of the Serenity and both sizes of the Serenity Plus.

Through the use of panels, any of these baths can be made to appear free-standing – i.e. without the need for a surrounding deck.

Panels are supplied separately from the bath in order to allow removal after installation. This allows access to normally hidden parts such as the waste, the overflow, the tap valves or Hydrotherapy components. All panels are supplied in one piece, no matter how many sides or ends they are designed to cover. We do this for security and stability and ease of handling.

Panels can also be made to match any established standard sanitaryware colour. If the customer requires the panel to be produced in a different standard sanitaryware colour to the bath itself, then there is a small surcharge. Upon request, we will also be happy to offer bespoke panels of any desired configuration. We can create customised shapes and colour combinations as required. (Our Bath Tub Options page shows examples of custom panels and two-colour finishes.)

The diagrams below show all our standard panel configurations for built-in baths, and identify how each would be used. When ordering, please use the following terms and state for which bath the panel assembly is required. For example: “Serenity Plus 1700 x 1000mm, front/right panel”.

Front Panel Only

  • bath-panel-side-only

Front/Right Panel

  • bath-panel-front-right

Front/Left Panel

  • bath-panel-front-left

Front/two Ends Panel

  • bath-panel-front-two-ends

Peninsula Panel

  • bath-panel-peninsular

Free Standing Panel

  • bath-panel-free-standing

Find Out More About Cabuchon Built-in Baths

If you would like more information, detailed specification sheets can be found on the individual bath pages shown above. All our built-in baths can be customised to suit your needs. If you would like to discuss a particular requirement, please use our reply form or contact our customer services team.

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