Pleasance Plus Free Standing Bath

Developed in response to customer demand for a larger version of the Pleasance, the Pleasance Plus free standing bath has the same virtues and features but in a longer length. To preserve the visual balance in the larger size some small changes have been made.

The curving back of the Pleasance Plus is 870mm/34¼” high and so keeps the bather well supported, as does the bath’s impressive depth: at its centre, it has a depth of 605mm /23¾”, so the user is kept comfortably buoyed up by the water.


The Pleasance Plus Free Standing Bath

Like those of the standard Pleasance, the outer body and inner bowl of the Pleasance Plus are a single, integrated piece. It can be filled by a free standing mixer, as shown in the photograph above, or by a combined manifold filler/overflow with wall taps.

Like the Pleasance, it normally requires an extended waste/overflow but it may be of interest to note that in the award-winning design shown at the top of this page, it was customised to exclude an overflow. (The bath was situated within a pebble-covered waterproof tray, so water was allowed to flow freely over the sides and away to a concealed waste.)


Access and fitting:

The unusual height of the Pleasance Plus means that its narrowest dimension is actually its width. Nevertheless, the best way to pass it through a doorway is to turn the bath around the door jamb when it is on its side, pivoting on the centre of the bath. The minimum dimensions of interior doors vary by country and the age of the property so, in all cases, the installer should carefully measure the doorway and check whether the opening will be large enough. It may sometimes be necessary to remove the architraves in order to negotiate the doorway safely.

The Pleasance Plus is not designed to be used with rim-mounted taps. It should be filled by a free-standing riser, by wall mounted taps/spouts, or by a manifold filler with remote taps. Due to its height, it requires an extended waste/overflow.

Unless the customer requests otherwise, the Pleasance Plus free standing bath is normally supplied with pre-drilled holes for the waste and overflow.

The bath is affixed using metal floor-mounted brackets, which Cabuchon supplies with the bath. Dimensions and more details about the method of installation are provided in the Pleasance Plus Specification Sheet. (PDF.)

If you have any queries about the Pleasance Plus luxury free standing bath, please use our reply form or call our customer services team.


External dimensions: 1600mm x 870mm / 63″ x 34¼″
External height (at high end): 875mm / 34½″
External height (at lowest point, centre of bowl): 665mm / 26¼”
Internal depth: 605mm /23¾”

Capacity: 308 litres. (70 Imperial gallons / 74 US gallons.)

Full internal and external dimensions are shown on the Pleasance Plus Specification Sheet.

Material: FICORE®

Colour choice:

The Pleasance Plus free standing bath tub can be supplied in any colour and, on request, in any colour combination. Within Cabuchon’s standard pricing, a single colour can be matched with that of any established sanitaryware colour – as well as with many standard but discontinued sanitaryware colours. For an additional charge, it can also be manufactured in a colour to match the base tone of stone, fabric or a chosen paint. (The customer must be able to provide a suitable sample.) FICORE® has a high gloss finish but, on request and for a small additional charge, it may be supplied matt or primed to allow special paint effects to be applied.

“I’m very proud of the design, which places the Pleasance Plus in front of the window, among river rocks, with a beautiful view of the treetops. We chose to have Cabuchon build it with no overflow so the tub can overflow freely into the pan in which the rocks sit. We chose the Pleasance Plus because of its graceful sculpture and extra depth for soaking. ”

Holly Rickert, award-winning interior designer, USA.

Read the full testimonial here.

The Pleasance Plus is not suitable for the inclusion of a Hydrotherapy system.






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