Xanadu Deep Soaking Tub (two-person)

The two-seated Xanadu deep soaking tub is the culmination of six years’ research and development carried out in response to the many repeated requests we received for a two-person Nirvana. It is the result of hundreds of discussions and interviews with existing and prospective clients; the result, too, of numerous models and practical trials.

The key features of the Xanadu double bath are its larger dimensions and integrated seats, which allow customers to vary the ways in which it can be used. An individual bather will find it spacious and luxurious, but it is also extremely comfortable for two people to share, particularly with the addition of a deeply relaxing hydrotherapy system. At any given time, customers can choose to sit together at one end of the bath, or at opposite ends, as suits them.


The Xanadu Two-Seater Soaking Tub

As a two-person bath, the double Xanadu deep soaking tub allows couples to vary the way they use it according to wish and mood. It also makes an outstanding family bath and, indeed, it has been known to accommodate more than two people.

Please note that an overhead shower can be installed over the central floor space, regardless of which configuration is chosen.

Use and Placement:

The Xanadu two-seater tub can be installed in a corner, in a small niche, against a wall or as a free standing bath in the centre of a bathroom floor. Exposed sides can be enclosed within a decorative surround made of wood, tiles or marble or – for an extra charge – Cabuchon will supply bespoke panels.

Another option is to sink the Xanadu into a deck, which makes it especially easy to enter and exit.

Access and fitting:

When turned on its side and before the addition of any taps/faucets, the Xanadu will pass through a standard door width of 730mm. Its width is 680mm/26¾″ with the feet attached, or 655mm/25¾″ with the feet unscrewed.

Robustly built on a steel chassis, the Xanadu will permit the addition of grab bars, which can be factory-fitted upon request. Where grab bars are required, however, Cabuchon will normally supply them loose and with no holes pre-drilled. This is the preferred approach because it gives customers greater freedom in choosing their precise placement. The bars’ shape, gauge, length and method of use are all personal to each owner. Fitting is best carried out after trial and discussion, when customers have had the benefit of being able to see the bath in its finished position.

The Xanadu deep soaking tub also features four screw-threaded feet that facilitate fine height adjustment on site. The adjustment range is between 730mm/28¾” maximum and 680mm/26¾” minimum. The four feet are factory-fitted and set to spread the bath’s weight evenly. During installation on-site, great care must be taken if the feet are subsequently adjusted to accommodate a sloping or uneven floor. For security, stability and durability, it is essential that the whole of the bath’s weight rests squarely and evenly on the feet. No weight at all should rest on the rim or body of the bath, nor (where present) on any side panel.

Taps/faucets can be fitted anywhere on the bath that space and good plumbing practices permit. The Xanadu requires an extended waste / overflow. (This means that the cable that operates the waste plug needs to be longer than standard.) The overflow can be located on any wall other than a backrest. The bath is normally supplied supplied with the waste and overflow holes pre-drilled but they can be left uncut on request. Holes are not usually pre-drilled for taps, hand-showers or other fittings. This gives customer greater control over the placement of such features – decisions which are best made when the bath can be viewed in-situ. The exception is the fitting of hydrotherapy systems and controls, which – for reasons of quality, safety and reliability – must be pre-fitted in the Cabuchon factory.

Full internal and external dimensions are shown on the Xanadu Specification Sheet.

Dimensions and Specifications:


(External dimensions) 1600mm x 1105mm / 63” x 43½”
(Internal dimensions) 1560 mm / 61½ x 1005 mm / 39½”
(External height) 680mm / 26¼″
(Internal height) 600mm / 23¾″

Step: Not required.

Material: FICORE®

Full internal and external dimensions are shown on the Xanadu Specification Sheet.

Panels and colour choice

Various extras can be specified with the double Xanadu deep soaking tub, ranging from special colours to inline water heaters and chromotherapy systems.


Panels are supplied separately, for subsequent fitting on site. No matter how many sides are to be enclosed, they will be supplied as a single panel so as to maximise stability.

A panel can be supplied to cover anything from one to four sides, depending on the intended installation:

  • One side: for installation as a niche/alcove bath
  • Two sides: when the Xanadu is to be used as a corner bath
  • Three sides: for installation part way along a wall
  • Four sides: when the Xanadu is to be used free standing

Panels may be supplied in the same colour asthe bath itself, or in a contrasting colour, or they can be primed ready for a specialist paint finish. More information about panel choices, illustrations, and details of what and how to order, can be found on our main Deep Soaking Tubs page.

Colour choice:

The use of FICORE® gives customers the opportunity to choose their Xanadu in literally any colour. For a small extra charge, colour combinations are also possible, such as having the interior a different colour to the exterior. The bath may also be supplied in a non-standard matt finish.

More information about colour choice can be found on our Bath Options page.

“Refitting our bathroom and installing your super bath has been quite an evolution.  Also a lot of creative fun, and the result is spectacular… The pictures tell the remainder of the story. Delighted on all counts!”

Mr J. L. Chester, England.

Read the full testimonial here.

The Xanadu and Hydrotherapy:

Like all of our deep soaking baths, the Xanadu makes an excellent Hydrotherapy spa bath. Fitted with an optional Cabuchon Hydrotherapy system,  it promises the last word in deep relaxation and, where required, it will deliver genuine therapeutic benefit.

Please see our Hydrotherapy section for more details.






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