Yasahiro Deep Soaking Tub (‘laid back’ style)

A beautiful Japanese-style deep soaking tub, the Yasahiro is an iconic addition to a range of high quality baths that have shaped the habits and direction of modern bathing.

Yasahiro is a Japanese name meaning ‘serenity’ and, as the fifth generation in Cabuchon’s pioneering range of contemporary deep soaking tubs, it does indeed deliver the very best in relaxed, comfortable bathing. Based on more than 25 years of experience, it was developed with the aim of re-examining the deep soaking experience and turning excellence into perfection.


The Perfect Deep Soaking Tub

The result of years of research and development, the Yasahiro crystallises all the most important features of the previous four generations. It embodies the characteristics that, since 1991, have established Cabuchon’s reputation as the world’s leading designer of modern deep soaking tubs.

The Yasahiro incorporates many of the qualities that made our previous soaking tubs so popular: a carefully sculpted back, supportive armrests and an integrated seat. However, its design introduces additional features that improve comfort, function and ease of use. Notable changes include:

  • Longer armrests, giving greater flexibility of use
  • Greater legroom, allowing the bather, however tall or small, to slide up or down the seat to alter the effective depth of the water
  • A new configuration, providing the same depth of water despite a slightly reduced overall height
  • Easier access, resulting from the increased internal space and the reduced bath height (which renders an external step unnecessary)
  • More standing space for showering, resulting from the greater size of the tub and the absence of footrests (which feature in the Nirvana’s design)
  • A removable soft headrest for added comfort and postural support

The results of these changes are an improved bathing experience and a bath that fits even more effectively with modern styles of living.

Use and Placement:

Like all of Cabuchon’s Japanese-style deep soaking tubs, the Yasahiro is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of installations. Its shape and compact dimensions make it ideally suited for use as a corner bath, but it can also be sunk into a floor or built into a deck. When combined with a wooden or tiled surround, or with panels – which are available from Cabuchon as an optional extra – the Yasahiro also makes an excellent free standing bath, as illustrated at the top of this page.

For people with limited mobility, the Yasahiro is more easily accessible than the taller Nirvana and, when sunken or semi-sunken, it is much easier to access than a bath of a more conventional design. Where required, it can be used with a hoist or bath lift but its lower overall height means that such aids are usually unnecessary, particularly with a corner installation and the use of grab-bars.

The Yasahiro may be used with overhead and wall mounted showers, and with shower screens.

Access and fitting:

When turned on its side, the Yasahiro Japanese-style deep soaking tub will pass through a standard door, assuming a door width of 730mm / 29″.

Taps and other fittings (such as hand showers) may be fitted wherever space and good plumbing practices allow. The Yasahiro requires an extended waste / overflow – i.e. the greater height of the deep soaking tub means that the cable operating the waste plug needs to be longer than in conventional baths. The overflow can be located in any one of the well’s three walls.

Unless the client requests otherwise, the Yasahiro deep soaking tub will be supplied with the waste and overflow holes ready-drilled. Holes are not pre-drilled for taps or other fittings. (Decisions regarding the exact placement of such items are best made when the customer and fitter can see the bath in its final location.)

The Yasahiro is built around a sturdy steel chassis and its height can be adjusted by means of four screw-threaded feet. These feet are factory-fitted and set to spread the bath’s weight evenly. During installation on-site, great care must be taken if the feet are subsequently adjusted to accommodate a sloping or uneven floor. For security, stability and durability, it is essential that the whole of the bath’s weight rests squarely and evenly on the feet. No weight at all should rest on the rim or body of the bath, nor (where present) on any side panel.

More details are provided in the Yasahiro Specification Sheet.

Dimensions and Specifications:

(External dimensions) 1440mm x 860mm / 56.75” x 33¼”
(External height) 750mm / 29½″
(Internal dimensions) 1340mm x 640mm / 52¾” x 25¼″
(Internal depth) 640mm / 25¼″

Full internal and external dimensions are shown on the Yasahiro Specification Sheet.

Step: Optional. (The dimensions of any external step should be chosen to suit the client.)

Material: FICORE®

Download Yasahiro deep soaking tub technical data sheet (PDF.)

Panels and colour choice:


If the Yasahiro is not to be built in to a surround or sunk into a floor, it may be installed with a side panel. Customers may, of course, elect to fit their own custom-built panels – e.g. made of wood, tile or stone. Alternatively, for an extra charge, clients can request a bespoke panel from Cabuchon. In such cases, the panel will be be supplied separately, for subsequent, on-site installation.

A panel can be supplied to cover anything from one to four sides, depending on the intended installation:

  • One side: for installation as a niche/alcove bath
  • Two sides: when the Yasahiro is to be used as a corner bath
  • Three sides: for installation part way along a wall
  • Four sides: when the Yasahiro is to be used free standing

More information about panel choices, illustrations, and details of what and how to order, can be found on our main Deep Soaking Tubs page.

Colour choice:

The use of FICORE® enables Cabuchon to produce the Yasahiro in literally any colour or, indeed, in any combination of colours. Other optional extras including supplying FICORE® in a non-standard matt finish, or priming it in readiness for a specialist paint finish.

For more details on colour options, please see our Bath Options page.

“We were very tight for space, but the Yasahiro deep soaking tub has made amazing use of the space available. We couldn’t be happier. We have been totally delighted with Cabuchon from start to finish.

“The quality of our deep soaking tub is exceptional, all the jets are where we wanted them and the entire bath is extremely well made and totally sturdy. The jets are very powerful and I have spent many evenings soaking my cares and aches and pains away. The tub itself is perfect to sit in up to my neck in warm water, and the system cleans itself very well after use. I was amazed that I can actually stretch my legs out fully in the tub, which is much bigger inside than it looks!

“Our en suite has been transformed from a cramped and hardly used small shower room, to a luxury deep soaking tub room, which is a place of utter tranquillity away from the bustle of family life.”

Ms C E, Wiltshire, England

See the full case study here.

Yasahiro: a deep soaking Hydrotherapy bath:

When it comes to deep soaking pleasure, a high quality Hydrotherapy system makes the experience complete. The Yasahiro maximises the therapeutic effects of hydro-massage and so, when brought together, the two elements yield the very best in bathing luxury.

The Yasahiro’s design brief included the requirement that it should be ideally suited for use with modern Hydrotherapy systems. Any Cabuchon deep soaking tub will work well in this respect, but the Yasahiro is particularly effective.

Like all the baths in this range, the Yasahiro has steeply angled side walls. These minimise the distance between the water jets and the soft tissues that most benefit from the action of hydro-massage. This proximity enhances the accuracy and the efficiency of the jets, creating optimal conditions for delivering maximum therapeutic effect.

However, the Yasahiro affords an important added advantage in terms of bathing posture. The natural seated position, the supportive effect of the deep water, the armrests and the removable headrest all ensure that the bather’s head, neck and shoulders take virtually no weight at all. The muscles therefore remain wholly relaxed, adding to the calming, soothing, rejuvenating effect of the Hydrotherapy treatment.

Please see our Hydrotherapy section for more details.






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