We recently received a bathroom photograph, together with a short review, from a happy customer in Tunbridge Wells. It features a Nirvana deep soaking tub, set into the corner of the bathroom beneath the window.

It’s a common enough position for a soaking tub, or indeed almost any type of bath, but the customer’s design ideas reminded us that ceramic tiles aren’t the only solution when it comes to creating a stylish yet practical bath surround.

Here, the soaking tub is shown inset into a wooden panelled surround – an attractive option and a style that hints at the Japanese traditions that first inspired the modern deep soaking tub’s design.

The original Japanese ofuro baths were typically square or rectangular with upright wooden sides. Fitting a modern soaking tub into a wooden surround therefore preserves that visual link and often makes for a beautiful, naturalistic design.

It’s a combination that our customers have often chosen but it’s by no means the only alternative. Like many of our other baths, our tubs can be installed into surrounds made of stone (such as marble or slate), or they can be fitted with custom-made Ficore® panels. Some can even be set into the floor, either wholly or partially, depending on how much of a feature the bathroom designer wants to make of each bath.

For more design ideas, please browse our bath installation and design gallery.

Finally, please note that our Built-in Baths page provides details of another bathroom design option – fitting a bath either inset or undermounted.

If you would like any advice or technical support with respect to an installation project or a bathroom design idea, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.