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Coronavirus Update: May 11th

As of May 11th, we are pleased to announce that our factory and offices are now open and operational, but in a limited capacity to allow social distancing. We have implemented precautionary measures to mitigate the risks associated with Covid-19, following the UK Government’s advice and Public Health England guidelines. We will continue to provide

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New Downloadable Guides

In order to help our customers to make the best possible choices when considering a purchase, we have begun the process of producing free downloadable guides to our various ranges. We have started with two of our best-selling ranges: our deep soaking tubs and our bespoke hydrotherapy systems. Deep Soaking Tubs Since 1991, when we

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Company Statement Concerning the Coronavirus

During the current Coronavirus pandemic, everyone at Cabuchon will be working hard to maintain as normal a service as possible. Production is continuing and our customer services team remain available to deal with any questions, orders or enquiries. However, like any other business, we will very likely experience some delays. Production might slow if staff

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Takara Deep Soaking Tub Video Goes Live

In March 2020, we launched the first in a series of short videos showing the benefits of our deep soaking tub range. The first featured our recently launched Takara.   In addition to showing typical installations and some of the bath’s water / energy-saving advantages, the video also includes a demonstration of our

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New 3D Interactive Bath Views

To give our visitors a clearer idea of exactly how our baths are shaped, we have embarked on a project to add 3D interactive models to a number of our most popular pages. We’re starting with some of our newest and best-selling baths, and the first complete 3D rendering is now live on the Takara

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The New Easy-Access Soaking Tub: The Takara

Cabuchon Bathforms has launched its sixth-generation deep soaking tub, the easy-access Takara. Like the other baths in its deep soaking range, it is inspired by the traditional Japanese ofuro but it includes a host of refinements designed to enhance comfort and to better suit Western bathing habits. It will also accommodate modern technologies such as

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The New Space-Saving Studio Compact Bath

Cabuchon Bathforms has launched its new Studio bath, the latest addition to its range of baths which can be built into the fabric of a bathroom. A space-saving tub, it is designed for modern en-suites and bathrooms where space is at a premium. Measuring 1522mm x 837mm (5ft x 33"), the Studio has a noticeably

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Baths with Bluetooth Sound

All Cabuchon baths are hand-built to order. That means we can customise them to include features that add to your comfort and enjoyment. One of the bath options that we perhaps don't mention enough is Bluetooth sound. People will often consider hydrotherapy and chromotherapy when planning their ideal bathing experience, but sound can often  be

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Deep Soaking Tubs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a deep soaking bathtub? A deep soaking bathtub is a compact bath that is shorter but deeper than conventional baths. Essentially, it relies on depth rather than length for its capacity and comfort. The bather does not lie down with the head tilted forward, as in a traditional trough-shaped bath; he or she

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How to Choose the Best Deep Soaking Tub

People's needs and preferences vary but if you want to choose a deep soaking tub that's perfect for you, we would suggest that you consider the following factors: Size: Choose a deep soaking tub that suits your physique and the size of your room. It need only be big enough to be comfortable for the

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