In September last year, a customer based in Aberdeen, Scotland was searching for a bath. It needed to be compact enough to save space in his small bathroom but it also had to be comfortable and not cramped. Visiting our website, he spotted our Nirvana deep soaking tub but he was concerned that the dimensions did not exactly fit the available space.

When he contacted us, we explained that he wasn’t tied to the external dimensions stated on the website. The unique properties of Ficore® make it easy for us to modify the rims by building them slightly wider or narrower than the standard measurements. He was certain that this was the best fitting tub for his bathroom and he happily placed his order with us.

Seven months on, and our satisfied customer kindly shared a photograph of the final installation, complete with a beautiful tiled feature wall. It captures the view he shared with his wife from their honeymoon suite window. If you look carefully, you can also spot a cheeky little Elvis duck…

While sharing this beautiful installation with us, he mentioned that the Nirvana deep soaking tub was ‘both space saving and practical for larger bathers’ and made a ‘gorgeous centre piece’.

We always love to see a project come together!