We’re delighted to announce that our built-in, double-ended bath – the Serenity 1800 – has featured in an award winning home in Oxfordshire.

Designed by architects Sarah Griffiths and Amin Taha, ‘The Pheasants’ has won two prestigious awards issued by the Royal Institute of British Architects: the RIBA South Award 2018 and RIBA Project Architect of the Year. The property’s distinctive modern design has seen it featured in The Sunday Times, and won it a finalist’s place in the 2018 Grand Designs Home of the Year competition. Over the course of the series, the finalists were whittled down, and The Pheasants made it through to a shortlist of just eight. The results were announced on Channel 4 at the end of November.

The home itself sits on the banks of the Thames and makes striking use of modern materials throughout. RIBA judges noted that “the design, which has taken so much time and effort to realise, is extraordinary in its challenge to convention.

“The striking front elevation is … an S-shaped line of concrete that seems to defy gravity as it hangs over the glass and perforated Corten ribbon around the ground floor spaces… Inside is an unexpected pleasure – full of top-light, dramatic panoramic views and finely-crafted features.”

While RIBA describes it as “an extraordinary achievement… uncompromising and uplifting,” the Sunday Times declares it a “symphony in major and minor spaces… (with) a startlingly fresh, original design.”

Judges were particularly struck by the owners’ perfectionism during the design and construction phases. Mr and Mrs Fletcher adhered to a motto that “we don’t want it quick, we want it right!” and subsequently paid tribute to the “amazing artisans and craftsmen who worked on this house.”

For our part, we were delighted to supply our hand-made Serenity 1800 double-ended bath for the project. We produced it with a specially requested matt finish and a bespoke rim. This was made with an extended 100mm downturn flange on three sides, giving it more presence in its semi-sunken position by the window.

Writing to us after the installation, Mr Fletcher described the bathing experience very simply: “a joy.”

More details about the award-winning project can be seen here:

For a description and technical details of the bath itself, please refer to our Serenity Double-ended Bath page.

The double-ended bath actas the focal point of the bathroom.

The double-ended Serenity was here installed as a sunken bath beside the window. Note the specially raised edges, which were produced on request.


The double-ended Serenity, installed into the floor.

The bath was fitted with a combined filler / overflow, as shown here.