Update – June 16th 2020

We are delighted to announce that the latest 3D renderings are now live on the website.

Choose the 3D View tab on the Yasahiro deep soaking tub and Calyx deep soaking tub pages to view them.

We are continuing to work through our best-selling baths, but if there is a particular bath model you feel would be useful, please do let us know. We are grateful for all feedback. Please email any suggestions to info@cabuchon.com or via the contact form here.


To give our visitors a clearer idea of exactly how our baths are shaped, we have embarked on a project to add 3D interactive models to a number of our most popular pages.

We’re starting with some of our newest and best-selling baths, and the first complete 3D rendering is now live on the Takara deep soaking tub page. (Choose the 3D View tab to see it.)

An image form the Takara soaking tub page, showing the '3D View' tab.

The 3D interactive model of the Takara deep soaking tub.

For some time now, we’ve been conscious that static images don’t always give a complete picture of how each bath is configured. Late last year, a customer added weight to that belief when he called us to say that he’d been looking at one of our deep soaking tubs but couldn’t make sense of the internal view of the bath. To his eye, the seat looked to be lower than the footwell.

With static images, it’s easy for these optical illusions to occur, so we decided to address the problem. Our new interactive 3D models allow visitors to turn the bath in any direction so they can see it from the side, from above, from beneath and from any oblique angle they choose. We hope that this ‘virtual tour’ will make it much easier to get a sense of each bath’s shape and characteristics, and we’ll be rolling out further 3D models over the coming months.

Your Feedback

It’s very important to us that customers feel comfortable using this website and that they feel they are getting all the information they need. We’re always open to constructive criticism, so if you have any suggestions about anything that we can do to improve the website, or your experience of using it, please do contact us. We’re grateful for all feedback. Please email any suggestions to info@cabuchon.com.