Built-in baths include those that can be set into or underneath a deck or floor surface. They are typically categorised as inset baths and undermount baths.

  • Here, the Arcadia bath is shown undermounted beneath tiles.
    The Arcadia oval bath is a classically simple but elegantly styled double-ended bath tub that can be inset or undermounted.With a design that approaches the Minimalist, it is strikingly attractive. As a spacious oval bath, available in two sizes, it will permit comfortable shared bathing. Its waste/ overflow is situated on one of the inner sides of the bowl, which means that the bather(s) can sit at either end without discomfort.
  • The stylish, asymmetric Elysia inset bath is double-ended for versatility, and is available in two alternative styles. One has a tap/faucet deck on the rear rim, as shown in the first image, whilst the other has continuous, plain rims, as shown in the second.
  • In this TV studio setting, the bath is inset into a raised wooden deck.
    The Oberon built-in bath is a striking circular bath tub that makes a stylish statement. It can be installed either as an inset/drop-in bath or undermounted beneath a deck.With a diameter of 1423mm / 56” it provides ample space to lie back and relax, and it appears particularly impressive when set into a tiered, stepped deck, as shown in the first of the accompanying photographs. (This shows the Oberon in the 'Big Brother' TV studio setting. Here, it is inset in a wooden deck.)
  • In this bathroom design, the bath is inset into an extended raised deck with storage.
    Developed for those who love to bathe, the Octavia large oval bath sets a sumptuous standard for the more generously sized bathroom. Considerably more spacious than most conventional baths, it is double-ended and its waste is offset to one side so the main bowl area is left smooth and empty.
  • The Palladian inset bath is an oval, double-ended tub. Its most notable distinguishing feature is its decorative, carefully detailed double rim. This level and precision of rim detail is only possible thanks to the use of Cabuchon’s own FICORE® composite material, and it lends itself very well to coach striping and colour differentiation as illustrated in the accompanying photographs.
  • The Serenity rectangular bath, here shown undermounted beneath a tiled surround
    The Serenity is a double-ended rectangular bath tub, which was designed with the principal aim of maximising bathing comfort. This is achieved through the incorporation of headrests and sloping ends to the bowl, each at a greater angle than standard. It also features an offset side waste/overflow, which does not interfere with the bathing experience.The Serenity bath can be undermounted, as shown in the first image, or inset / dropped into a deck as shown in the second.
  • The Serenity Plus, 2 person bath, shown undermounted
    The Serenity Plus two-person bath is a larger sized version of the very popular Serenity built-in bath. Like its smaller counterpart, it can be inset or under-mounted and it places exactly the same emphasis on bathing comfort.The chief difference is its larger size, which allows for side-by-side bathing, or shared bathing with the users at either end. The Serenity Plus is available in two sizes: 1700 x 1000mm, or 1800 x 1200mm. Both models have an internal depth of 480mm.
  • The Studio space saving bath, set into a corner The Studio compact bath, installed across a narrow bathroom
    The Studio is a compact, space-saving bath that's ideal for modern en-suites, or for other bathrooms where space is at a premium. It has a noticeably smaller footprint than conventionally designed baths, so it opens up a wealth of layout options that would be impossible with full-length alternatives.The Studio is a utility bath; once installed, it becomes part of the bathroom fabric.Despite its reduced length, the Studio is still exceptionally comfortable. This is because it takes some of its design cues from our deep soaking tub range, so it substitutes depth for length. At 505mm (19¾"), it is considerably deeper than traditional baths, which means bathers can adopt a more upright, semi-seated posture. This alleviates strain on the shoulders and neck, while the extra depth of water helps to buoy the bather up, creating a feeling of weightlessness.The Studio mini bath is therefore both versatile and comfortable. It also requires less water to fill, so it affords savings on water and energy.