Nearly 25 years ago, Cabuchon launched a pioneering range of modern deep soaking tubs inspired by the traditional Japanese ofuro. The first of their kind anywhere in the world, these luxury baths yielded benefits that were previously thought impossible and have quite literally changed bathing habits forever.

  • The Calyx deep soaking bath is the minimalist version of two of the company’s most popular Japanese-style tubs – the Nirvana and Imersa. There are two sizes available, which differ in both length and width.Introduced in response to numerous customer demands for a Minimalist soaking tub, the two Calyx luxury baths were launched in 2010. Important developments include their simple lines, which respond to an increasing consumer trend towards minimalist styling, and the optimisation of internal space. The new design preserves the classical deep soaking characteristics of the traditional Japanese ofuro tub but yields an increase in internal bowl size of nearly 30% when compared to the Imersa. 
  • The Imersa deep soaking tub, installed in a private client's bathroom in Tennessee, USA The Imersa deep soaking bath in a window setting
    The history-making Imersa deep soaking bath was Cabuchon’s original ofuro-style tub – a bath that allows luxurious, deeply submerged bathing. In it, the bather is well supported by the Imersa’s carefully contoured seat, back and sides whilst being buoyed up by the mass of water itself. The result is a profoundly comfortable experience that is unlike anything to be encountered in a traditionally shaped bath.
  • Here, the Nirvana soaking tub is shown semi-sunken into the floor.
    The Nirvana deep soaking bath tub is our best-selling bath worldwide. Hand-crafted in Britain, it was developed as a result of detailed consultations with previous Imersa customers and with prospective seekers of the perfect deep soaking bath.Key to its popularity is the comfort  afforded by its sculptured interior – the result of  two  years of research and design development – its quality craftsmanship and its exceptional versatility. It can be set into a corner or niche, installed free-standing with bespoke panels, or set into a wooden, stone or tiled surround. Its simple and compact dimensions make it compatible with all kinds of decorative surrounds so it can be made to suit décors of all kinds, from traditional to contemporary. It is also particularly well suited for the inclusion of a hydrotherapy system.
  • View of the easy-access Takara deep soaking tub, showing the interior seat, grab rails and armrests. The Takara deep soaking tub, here installed under a corner window
    The Takara deep soaking tub is the newest addition to our market-leading range of Japanese ofuro-style baths. It is based on nearly 30 years of design experience and customer feedback.Like all of our deep soaking tubs, the Takara is easy to enter and exit, but the incorporation of two ergonomically placed bars adds an additional sense of security for those who feel they want it.Takara is a Japanese name meaning ‘treasure.' As the sixth generation in our history-making range, it incorporates everything embodied in our earlier deep soaking tubs that previous customers have said they most valued.
  • Xanadu 2-person deep soaking tub
    The two-seated Xanadu deep soaking tub is the culmination of six years’ research and development carried out in response to the many repeated requests we received for a two-person Nirvana. It is the result of hundreds of discussions and interviews with existing and prospective clients; the result, too, of numerous models and practical trials.The key features of the Xanadu double bath are its larger dimensions and integrated seats, which allow customers to vary the ways in which it can be used. An individual bather will find it spacious and luxurious, but it is also extremely comfortable for two people to share, particularly with the addition of a deeply relaxing hydrotherapy system. At any given time, customers can choose to sit together at one end of the bath, or at opposite ends, as suits them.
  • The Yasahiro deep soaking tub, fitted with hydrotherapy jets.
    A beautiful Japanese-style deep soaking tub, the Yasahiro is an iconic addition to a range of high quality baths that have shaped the habits and direction of modern bathing.Yasahiro is a Japanese name meaning ‘serenity’ and, as the fifth generation in Cabuchon’s pioneering range of contemporary deep soaking tubs, it does indeed deliver the very best in relaxed, comfortable bathing. Based on more than 25 years of experience, it was developed with the aim of re-examining the deep soaking experience and turning excellence into perfection.

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