At Cabuchon, we pride ourselves on bringing you the most innovative and luxuriously designed baths on the market. We believe that your bathroom is a place in which your taste and style should shine. For those of you that are looking for a distinctively styled luxury bath to feature in your bathroom, we should like to introduce our stunning Japanese deep soaking bath, an increasingly popular product inspired by the traditional Ofuro.

The Calyx deep soaking tub, shown inset with wooden panels and a marble deck

The Calyx deep soaking tub with a wooden surround.

The ‘Ofuro’ Japanese Deep Soaking Bath

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Ofuro baths are steep sided bath tubs that are deeper than usual and, for many generations, they have featured in houses, apartments and hotels all over Japan. Although traditionally made from wood, the Ofuro-style luxury baths we provide are constructed from FICORE®, a specialist bathform composite material developed by our parent company Design & Form Ltd.

Not only will a Japanese deep soaking bath add style and function to your bathroom but you will also realise many other benefits associated with Ofuro baths. The most obvious benefit of Japanese deep soaking baths is that they are space saving without compromising the comfort of the bather. Indeed, Ofuro baths are enormously supportive, relaxing and ergonomically designed. Moreover, one important respect in which we have deviated from the traditional Japanese Ofuro design is the addition of a low, integrated seat, which further enhances bather comfort.

This happy marriage of physical stability and luxurious support is especially important for those who suffer from limited mobility. There is no need to balance at any point whilst entering or exiting the tub and you do not need to lie down in order to be fully immersed in the water. In addition, our Ofuro style luxury baths use much less water than conventional baths and the water remains hotter for longer owing to the combination of a smaller water surface area and the heat-retentive properties of FICORE®.

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