We have a client based in the U.S. who kindly purchased one of our Nirvana deep soaking tubs.

She planned to install the bath into an alcove. Unfortunately, the alcove was slightly wider than the standard dimensions of the tub, so it would not fit snugly without some modification. To resolve this, we built the rim of the bath on the right-hand side slightly wider so that the tub would fit in perfectly.

We can modify the rim sizes of all our rectangular baths as they are being built. They can be made slightly narrower if required, or larger to fill a space, as in this example.

The client also required a colour modification. She had existing sanitaryware in her bathroom that she wanted her bath to match. We didn’t have the colour in our standard library so we asked the client to send us a colour sample in order that we could apply a careful computer colour matching process. This way we could ensure that the finished bath colour would be a true match.

Such alterations are a regular part of our work and one of the many features that distinguish Cabuchon baths from those made by mass manufacturers who work to fixed, standard designs. All our baths are hand made to order – which helps us to ensure that all clients are wholly satisfied with their purchases.

For more details about bath modification, please see our Further Options section or call us on +44 (0) 1524 66022.