All Cabuchon baths are hand-built to order. That means we can customise them to include features that add to your comfort and enjoyment. One of the bath options that we perhaps don’t mention enough is Bluetooth sound.

People will often consider hydrotherapy and chromotherapy when planning their ideal bathing experience, but sound can often  be overlooked. Water jets can soothe, and coloured lighting can set a mood, but so too can music. We all recognise the mood-changing power of music in our daily lives, so why not apply it when bathing, too?

We can fit any Cabuchon bath with a high quality, British-made Bluetooth sound system. The hidden speakers are installed to the ‘dry side’ of the bath – either on the underside or, more commonly, the inside walls – and they are connected to a Bluetooth receiver. The system will take a signal from any Bluetooth-compatible device within a 20m radius – such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop – and the speakers will then transfer the vibrations, effectively turning the whole bath into one giant speaker.

The sound quality is excellent and because the music transmits through the water, you’ll be able to feel as well as hear the music.

The system makes it possible to take long soaks while listening to your favourite music – perfect for soothing away the cares of the day. But it’s also a feature that appeals to young children; music and audiobooks can add a fun new dimension to bath time.

Bluetooth sound is an option that increasing numbers of clients are requesting. If you’d like to know more, please contact our customer service team on 01524 66022. (Please dial +44 1524 66022 if you are calling from outside the UK.)