Cabuchon Bathforms has launched its new Studio bath, the latest addition to its range of baths which can be built into the fabric of a bathroom. A space-saving tub, it is designed for modern en-suites and bathrooms where space is at a premium. Measuring 1522mm x 837mm (5ft x 33″), the Studio has a noticeably smaller footprint than conventionally designed baths.

Despite its reduced length, the Studio is built for comfort. This is because it takes some of its design cues from Cabuchon’s deep soaking tub range. In particular, it substitutes depth for length. At 505mm (19¾”) deep, it enables bathers to adopt a more upright, semi-seated posture This alleviates strain on the shoulders and neck, while the extra depth of water helps to create a feeling of weightlessness.

As a result of its compact dimensions, the Studio also requires less water to fill, so it affords savings on water and energy.

Designed for modern loft apartments, studio flats, aparthotels and similar settings, the Studio has a flat base, so it may be used with an overhead shower. Cabuchon supplies bath/shower screens on request.

The bath can be set into a raised deck or into a floor, and it may be installed either as a drop-in bath (with the rim visible) or undermounted (with the rim set below the deck.) Optionally, the Studio may be fitted with bespoke panels that cover anything from one to four sides. Fitted with panels, the bath may then be used freestanding, set against a wall, or installed in a corner or niche.

 Hand-built in Britain, the Studio is made from Cabuchon’s own composite, Ficore®, which the company can produce in any colour. Within its standard pricing, Cabuchon will match most other sanitaryware manufacturers’ published colours. For an extra fee, special colours can also be produced – to match, for example, the base colour of a stone, tile or fabric. The Studio can also be produced with stripes or other decorative colour effects.

Ficore is more rigid than any non-metal or non-stone bath, and it exhibits superior heat retention. In independent tests, it has been shown to keep water hot more than six times longer than acrylic and more than twelve times longer than vitreous enamelled metal.

The Studio is backed by a 25 year guarantee and may optionally be purchased with an inbuilt hydrotherapy spa system, tailored to the size and preferences of the user.

A technical specification sheet can be downloaded here. Studio-Specification-Sheet-2019