Chromotherapy, otherwise known as colour therapy, is the practice of using coloured light to influence the mood of the bather so as to promote relaxation and to help the user to be more receptive to the soothing, calming and healing effects of other treatments such as hydrotherapy and massage.  For this reason, Cabuchon often supplies hydrotherapy baths that incorporate chromotherapy systems – coloured underwater lights that illuminate the water from within and whose colour can be controlled to suit the user’s mood.  Almost any Cabuchon bath can be supplied as a luxury chromotherapy bath.

A bespoke chromotherapy bath being tested in the Cabuchon factory.

A bespoke chromotherapy bath being tested in the Cabuchon factory.

Hydrotherapy and Chromotherapy Bath Tubs

By choosing a system with effective lighting controls, customers can use their chromotherapy bath in a variety of ways – to enjoy deeper relaxation, to stimulate the mind or to revitalise the body. Personal experience tells us that colours can often have a bearing on our mood and this connection is supported by studies that have identified strong links between the use of colour and different mental states. Mainstream medicine makes use of this relationship in its use of light therapy as a treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder but interior designers are equally adept at using colour and lighting to change the ambience within a room.

Quite apart from its effects upon wellbeing, chromotherapy can also make an undeniably attractive contribution to the aesthetics of a bathroom. Thanks to simple controls, the system can be made to display a single colour or to cycle through a succession of seven different hues.

Most Cabuchon luxury baths can be supplied as a chromotherapy bath so you only need to choose your preferred design and we can customise it accordingly. The energy efficient LEDs are safe, inexpensive to run and they do not overheat.

Chromotherapy is often installed win conjunction with a Hydrotherapy system. For more details about both, please download our free Guide to Choosing a Hydrotherapy Bath. (PDF.)

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