Press release:

British bath manufacturer Cabuchon Bathforms has announced the launch of the Pleasance Plus, a new, larger version of one of its most popular free-standing baths.

The original Pleasance represents a modern take on the classic Georgian ‘slipper bath’ – an asymmetric design featuring extended curves and a high, comfortably contoured seat back. First introduced in 2005, it measures 1450mm (57”) in length and quickly proved to be one of the company’s best-selling models. It has been chosen for homes, hotels and health spas across the UK and exported throughout the world.

In the years following the introduction of the Pleasance, Cabuchon received many requests for larger, custom-built versions so, rather than continue to offer it on a bespoke basis, the company took the decision to introduce the Pleasance Plus as a standard model within its range.

The new model measures 1600mm x 870mm (63″ x 34 ¼ “) and incorporates a low internal seat for added comfort. It features the same flat, tightly radiused rims that are a distinctive feature of the original Pleasance and, at 657mm (25 ¾”), it is significantly deeper than ordinary bath designs, enabling luxurious deep soaking.

Turned on its side, the Pleasance Plus will pass through a standard door with a minimum width of 730mm. It is suitable for use with wall-mounted spouts and taps or free-standing risers, or with manifold fillers with remote taps.

The Pleasance Plus is handmade and custom-built using FICORE®, a solid composite material originally trademarked and developed by Cabuchon’s parent company, Design & Form Limited to permit sharpness of design detail and to offer a number of other advantages over more conventional alternatives. The  model’s characteristic squared rim edges could not be achieved using other commercially available materials.

FICORE® is stronger and more rigid than any non-metal or stone bath but, unlike both, it is neither heavy nor liable to chipping. It carries a 25 year guarantee and exhibits superior heat insulation and energy saving properties.  Tests have shown that it keeps water hot more than six times longer than acrylic and more than twelve times longer than vitreous enamelled metal, so it keeps the user feeling comfortable and obviates the need for frequent refilling.

Each tub is made to order so it can be produced in any colour and a choice of finishes. Cabuchon will match any current – and many past – sanitaryware colours in its standard pricing and, as an additional service, it will match the base colour of any tile, paint, stone or textile. Many other custom options are available and the external dimensions can often be modified to suit the space available.

“The original Pleasance quickly became one of our most iconic designs,” notes Cabuchon managing director, Tony Pontin. “However, customer feedback showed that there was a real demand for a larger model as well, so we felt it was time to introduce a version that would comfortably accommodate taller people. Interestingly, just increasing all dimensions proportionately to the Pleasance would have drastically changed the look, so a lot of creative design work had to go into this. But now that it’s done, we’re very proud of the result.”

The Cabuchon Bathforms range includes freestanding, inset/under-mounted, traditional panelled baths and deep-soaking tubs, all sold in standard sizes or as custom designed units. The range also includes hydrotherapy systems custom designed for each client. The company manufactures all its products in the UK.