Project Description

Japanese Soaking Tub, Wiltshire, England

Product: Yasahiro Japanese Soaking Tub
Client: Ms C E, Wiltshire, England

Yasahiro Japanese soaking tub in an en suite bathroom

The Project:

Ms C E chose the Yasahiro Japanese soaking tub as part of her plans to renovate a very small en suite shower room. She wanted a deep soaking tub that would be small yet very comfortable, and she wanted a bath with an effective hydrotherapy system.

Having found the Cabuchon website, she decided that the Yasahiro would meet her needs very well, and saw that it would fit neatly into the space available. She spoke to Cabuchon’s customer support team, who provided further details about the installation of a bespoke hydrotherapy system. She agreed on the number and placement of the water jets and then awaited delivery.

The rest of the story can be told in Ms C E’s own words.

“Our en suite was a tiny, tiny shower room. We put in a pocket door to gain space and the bath fitted perfectly in the end area.

“We were very tight for space, but the deep soaking tub has made amazing use of the space available. We couldn’t be happier. We have been totally delighted with Cabuchon from start to finish; they have been perfectly professional, very helpful and we can’t fault them at all. I couldn’t recommend this company highly enough.

“The quality of our deep soaking tub is exceptional, all the jets are where we wanted them and the entire bath is extremely well made and totally sturdy. The jets are very powerful and I have spent many evenings soaking my cares and aches and pains away. The tub itself is perfect to sit in up to my neck in warm water, and the system cleans itself very well after use. I was amazed that I can actually stretch my legs out fully in the tub, which is much bigger inside than it looks!

“Our en suite has been transformed from a cramped and hardly used small shower room, to a luxury deep soaking tub room, which is a place of utter tranquillity away from the bustle of family life.”

Ms C E, Wiltshire, England
The narrow bathroom before the refurbishment.

The narrow bathroom before the renovations.

The Yasahiro Japanese deep soaking tub, installed in Ms CE's en suite bathroom

The Yasahiro soaking tub installed in the narrow, en-suite bathroom.