Press release:

British bath manufacturer Cabuchon has announced the launch of the Talisien, a double-ended, free standing bath.

The Talisien’s unique lines are the result of two years  of development on the part of the company and British designer Alan Gorst, who has been the creator of several of Cabuchon’s most popular bathforms. As a free standing unit, it responds to a growing trend for bathtubs that act as the visual centrepiece of a room.

The new model measures 1820 x 850mm in its external dimensions and it has an internal depth of 490mm. It can be equipped with a free standing mixer or wall taps with manifold combined filler and overflow.

The Talisien’s modern styling and soft lines  are made possible by the use of Design and Form’s own FICORE® composite, which can be produced in any colour and which carries a 25 year guarantee. It is stronger and more rigid than any non-metal or non-stone bath but, unlike either, it is neither heavy nor liable to chipping or scratching. It also possesses superior heat insulation and energy saving properties: in independent tests, it has been shown to keep water hot more than six times longer than acrylic and more than twelve times longer than vitreous enamelled metal.

Each tub is hand-made and custom-built to order and can be produced in a choice of finishes. Design & Form will match any current – and many past – sanitaryware colours in its standard pricing and, as an additional service, it will match the base colour of any tile, paint, stone or textile. Many other custom options are available and the external dimensions can often be modified to suit the space available.

“We are seeing a move towards more varied and more eclectic customer tastes,” notes Design & Form managing director, Tony Pontin. “There is also a growing trend for larger bathrooms and, in some homes , we are even seeing a blurring of the distinction between the bathroom and bedroom. All this contributes to the growing popularity of free standing baths and means that style and aesthetics are becoming ever more important. Our answer is a range of free standing baths, each striking yet radically different from the others, and the Talisien is the latest of these. It combines good taste, elegance and comfort with functionality in classic styling so it embodies everything for which Cabuchon Bathforms stands.”

The Cabuchon Bathforms range includes free standing, inset/under-mounted, panelled and deep-soaking baths, all sold in standard or modified sizes. The range also includes chromotherapy and hydrotherapy systems, each custom designed for a specific client. The company manufactures all its products in the UK and exports throughout the world.