There are many benefits to owning your very own deep soaking tub – one being that they are the perfect space-saving solution – but did you know that there is a deep soaking tub that is ideal for those that enjoy shared bathing?

The Xanadu Deep Soaking Tub – Perfect for Shared Bathing

The Xanadu 2-person deep soaking tub is well worth noting for those who enjoy a shared bathing experience. This particular bath design is the result of six years of research and development that followed repeated requests for another of Cabuchon’s designs, the Nirvana, to be customised to accommodate two people. The Xanadu deep soaking tub is provided with slightly raised seats at both ends for extra comfort. This deep soaking tub was also designed to be used with an overhead shower positioned over the central floor space.

The Xanadu two-seater deep soaking tub, here shown inset into a tiled surround.

The Xanadu two-seater deep soaking tub, here shown inset into a tiled surround.

Why not enhance your shared bathing experience by requesting various extras such as water temperature controls, hydrotherapy and chromotherapy systems?

Luxury Bath Tubs that Combine Functionality with Aesthetic Design

Cabuchon provides a range of Japanese style deep soaking bath tubs but we also provide extra-large deep soaking bath tubs that are perfect for accommodating two bathers at once. All Cabuchon luxury bath tubs combine functionality with aesthetic design so not only do they deliver high performance, they look the part too.

Durable, elegant and comfortable, each bath design provides bathers with an outstanding bathing experience. The ability to combine all of these aspects without compromise is what has maintained Cabuchon’s position as forerunner in the luxury bath tub design industry.

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You can view all Cabuchon Bathforms’ deep soaking bath tub options in more detail on our website. We do not quote standard prices because the luxury bath tubs we provide are often customised in terms of colour, finish and extra features. If you would like to discuss your requirements, please give us a call and a member of the Cabuchon team will be happy to talk through some possible solutions.

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