Project Description

Double-ended Built-in Bath, Stoke-on-Trent

Product: Serenity 1700 Double-Ended Bath
Client:        Mr & Mrs S D

Double-ended bath, built-in, set into a corner

The Project:

When Mr and Mrs SD began making plans to remodel their bathroom in Stoke-on-Trent, they set about looking for a replacement for their corner bath. For their new layout, they sought a more traditional, double-ended bath, and one that would be long enough to accommodate a taller than average bather.

After searching online for larger baths, they discovered the Serenity 1700 Plus from Cabuchon. They liked the styling, and the dimensions were perfectly suited to their room.

They contacted our customer services team and made an appointment to visit the showroom. There they were able to examine the Serenity and test its comfort and fit for themselves. They also took advantage of a private factory tour, to see the manufacturing process and the care that goes into building and finishing every bath.

In order to maximise bathing space and depth, they asked whether it would be possible to supply the bath without an overflow. Every bath is hand-built to order so, of course, it was. The production team adapted the usual plans for the Serenity Plus, while the customer services team worked with Mr and Mrs SD to agree a convenient delivery date.

The project was completed to the agreed schedule and the couple were delighted with the results. After the installation, Mrs D wrote to say:

“I just wanted to let you know our bathroom is now finished. We’re so pleased with it.

“Thank you to the whole team at Cabuchon. From our initial visit to see the baths being made, we received excellent customer service. Our order arrived in perfect condition on the stated day. The bath is absolutely fabulous, turning bath time into a truly luxury experience. If only every purchase was this pleasant. We have recommended you to all our friends and family!”

Mr & Mrs S D