Project Description

Deep Soaking Tub, Tennessee, USA

Product: Imersa Deep Soaking Tub
Client: Mrs JD

The Imersa deep soaking tub, installed in a private client's bathroom in Tennessee, USA

The Project:

In 2019, Mrs JD began looking for a stylish, deep soaking tub as part of a bathroom renovation project at her home in Tennessee, USA. She was already aware of the benefits of a deep soaking tub and, having done some online research, she chose the larger version of Cabuchon’s Imersa.

Key attractions included the depth, the inbuilt seat and the grab bars, which enable safe and easy access. However, before she made her final choice, she enquired whether the bath could be supplied in a colour that would exactly match her white Kohler sanitaryware. Moreover, she wanted the finish of the metal grab bar to match that of her chosen brassware.

In both cases, the Cabuchon team was happy to oblige. It was able to match the ‘Kohler White’ within its standard pricing, and it fitted brushed nickel grab bars that matches the basin taps (faucets) and other brassware.

Mrs JD also requested a further non-standard modification. Since depth was a key consideration, she asked whether the bath could be supplied without an overflow in order to maximise the available depth. Again, the Cabuchon design team agreed, and the Imersa was duly made to order.

It was subsequently shipped to Nashville International Airport and fitted by Mrs JD’s preferred installer. It was inset into a tiled surround with an external step to aid access.

“The bathroom is nearly complete. My Imersa tub is exactly what I wanted and I could not be happier!! It’s easy to get in and out of, and it allows total submersion. The steps help reach the shelves and facilitate exiting with ease.

“Immediately after my tub was installed I called the installer and asked when could I actually use the tub. “Have at it!” was his reply. After a six week ‘dry spell’ during construction (I have never enjoyed a shower like I do my bathtub), I was only too happy to take TWO baths in the following 6 hours!

“Thank you for your help and for making such a great product.”

Mrs J.D.
The interior of the Imersa, showing the seat and grab bars, which were colour-matched to the brassware.
A side view of the deep soaking tub, showing the accompanying step, fitted by the installer.