To give you a feel for the sorts of work we routinely deliver, we thought we’d list some of our more recent bath projects and explain where the bathtubs in question are destined to go.

In recent weeks, our deep soaking tubs have been in particular demand and, accordingly, our manufacturing team has been busily producing Nirvanas, Yasahiros, Xanadus and Calyxes for clients in the UK and beyond.

One notable order came from Tällberg in Sweden, where a client is currently remodelling his bathroom. For the project, he chose the Calyx 1440 deep soaking tub – the larger of the two Calyx models, with external dimensions measuring 1440mm x 850mm. The customer asked for the bath to be supplied in ‘Superwhite’ – the purest of the 85+ whites that we match in our standard colour library.

The Calyx is designed in the minimalist style, so it has clean lines and a simple low seat. This seat greatly enhances bathing comfort and also reduces the amount of water it takes to fill the bath.

In keeping with the minimalist design concept, the client also requested that it be supplied without a hole for an overflow. This is somewhat unusual but, naturally, we obliged. At his request, the bath was also fitted with a chrome-finished ‘Clic Clac Waste’ from Cifial. This operates via a pop-up valve plug that allows the bath to drain.

In the same month, other Cabuchon baths have gone out to destinations including Utah (USA) and Lithuania, as well as to numerous clients in the UK – in regions such as Sheffield, Kent, Lancaster, Bristol and Oxfordshire.

Our team of craftsmen have also been working on a new hydrotherapy bath for a client in Berkshire, England. The bath itself is a Xanadu double deep soaking tub, designed for shared bathing. Still currently in production, the bath is being fitted with a 24-jet electronic Hydrotherapy System.

All Cabuchon Hydrotherapy systems are tailor made, with each jet positioned according to a unique, custom plan based on the customer’s personal physique and therapy requirements. Jets are positioned to act on specific muscle groups, while the electronic controls enable the user to vary the flow and pressure as required. The resulting hydrotherapy bath can soothe or invigorate, depending on the user’s needs.

Electronic hydrotherapy controls.

Electronic hydrotherapy controls.

In this case, all the bath’s jet controls feature a chrome finish, and – as with the Tällberg bath –  the chosen colour was Superwhite. The hydrotherapy system also features an inline water heater* that maintains the temperature  without the need to waste water by refilling. The finished system will also feature a pair of chromotherapy lights – multi-coloured LEDs that allow the bather to establish a mood. The energy efficient LEDs  can produce any one of seven colours, or they can be set to cycle slowly through the spectrum. More details about chromotherapy and the effects it can achieve can be found here: Enhancing the Hydrotherapy Experience.

Please note that we always advise customers on the configuration and features of their hydrotherapy systems so that they can gain optimal long term benefits from their baths. Our hydrotherapy systems come with a lifetime guarantee on pipework and jointing.

Please note that inline water heaters are only available as part of a hydrotherapy system and cannot be fitted separately to a bath.