Deep soaking bath tubs are designed, as the name suggests, to be deeper than a standard bath tub. There are multiple benefits that come with deep soaking bath tubs, some of which are more apparent than others.

One of the most obvious advantages is the ability to save space. The greater depth of a deep soaking bath means that the user can sit, comfortably submerged, in a more upright position so the bath itself does not have to be as long. This makes this style of tub ideal when space in the bathroom is limited. Despite the shorter length, comfort is not at all compromised and, in fact, many customers prefer the supportiveness and ergonomics of deep soaking baths to those of any other type. The Nirvana deep soaking tub from Cabuchon is testament to this and the bathing experience has been likened to that of sitting in a comfortable armchair.

A Nirvana deep soaking bath, pictured with a hydrotherapy system.

A Nirvana deep soaking bath, pictured with a hydrotherapy system.

Modern and Chic Design

Another benefit of the deep soaking tub is the aesthetics of the design. The greater depth and the difference in the bather’s posture make it possible to sculpt impressive, modern designs that are comfortable, supportive and ideal for the incorporation of luxury extras such as hydrotherapy systems. The smaller overall profile also makes deep soaking tubs well suited for use in minimalist bathroom designs.

One of the most popular baths within the Cabuchon deep soaking baths range is the Calyx deep soaking tub. Its simple lines make it a striking focal point in any bathroom and, like any deep soaking tub in the range, it can be supplied in any colour and a choice of finishes. By special request, Cabuchon has also previously supplied it with specialist coloured finishes.

The Calyx deep soaking tub, shown inset with wooden panels and a marble deck

The Calyx deep soaking tub with a wooden surround.

Excellent Water Heat Retention

A less obvious benefit of deep soaking bath tubs is their ability to retain heat for longer periods. The science behind this is simple: the baths’ dimensions mean that a smaller surface area of water is exposed to the air so less heat is lost. Moreover, the effect is enhanced because all Cabuchon baths are made from FICORE®, which retains heat much more effectively – up to six times longer – than conventional materials. This  superior energy efficiency is complemented by the fact that deep soaking tubs also require less water to fill, so users enjoy a twofold water and energy saving.

What’s more, tubs that allow bathers to be seated upright, as opposed to in a more horizontal position, are often much more accessible to those who suffer from stiff joints or limited mobility. The risk of accident is greatly reduced because the integrated seat in these tubs doubles as a step and allows most bathers to enter and exit with ease.

For Those Who Enjoy Shared Bathing

For those who enjoy shared bathing and like their deep soaking tub to be a little larger, the Xanadu two-person deep soaking bath is the perfect option. It was developed to cater to the demands of customers who wanted all the benefits of a deep soaker tub together with the ability to accommodate two bathers.

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