If you’ve ever visited the Cabuchon website before, you may have noticed that we have recently restructured our section about hydrotherapy baths. We hope you find the changes helpful and we’d like to explain our reasons for making them.

As one of the country’s leading pioneers in this field, we wanted to be much clearer about the differences between true hydrotherapy systems and some of the less sophisticated (and much less effective) alternatives that are currently on the market. We have therefore prefaced the section with an overview of what hydrotherapy really is – and the health benefits that may be derived from it.

Hydrotherapy – Basic Principles

For a hydrotherapy bath to deliver genuine health benefits, personal tailoring is essential. Simply put, the placement of the hydrotherapy jets must be matched to the size and shape of the bather’s body. That, in turn, requires a dialogue between the client and the bath designer in order to ensure that the jets of mixed water and air can be directed where they will be of most benefit – i.e. to the major muscle groups on the back, and to the feet, which respond especially well to this kind of treatment. Such tailoring is impossible if one chooses an off-the-shelf whirlpool bath with a standard, fixed configuration.

Controllability is also an essential feature. If a hydro-massage bath is to be more than a mere gimmick or empty status symbol, one must be able to adjust the pressure of the jets. This facility allows the bath to be used in a variety of ways – to soothe, relax or invigorate – according to the bather’s needs. This helps to ensure that the bath will deliver years of pleasure rather than just a short term, novelty appeal.

Photo showing six key pressure points on a bather's back.

The perfect hydrotherapy system must be carefully tailored to the user’s physique.

Hydrotherapy Baths – How to Choose

In reality, of course, there are many other factors that also determine the reliability, comfort and therapeutic value of a hydrotherapy system. Because of this, we have devoted another page to creating what is, in effect, a short buyer’s guide to hydrotherapy baths. It is based on our many years of experience in the industry and we believe it’s essential reading for anyone considering an investment in hydrotherapy.

You can also download a summary of this section: our Guide to Choosing a Hydrotherapy Bath. (PDF.)

This guide considers what to look for when choosing a hydrotherapy bath. In addition to a tailored design and the presence of effective control systems, it lists numerous other important issues. Some of these include the design of the individual jets, various safety considerations, the quietness of the system, the effectiveness of the internal drainage and the availability of optional extras such as a water heating facility or chromotherapy lights. Each of these subjects is explored in more detail.

Installing Hydrotherapy Baths

Another page considers guarantees, customer support issues and the process of installing a hydrotherapy bath. Again, this takes the form of a guide, offering advice on choosing a bath that should be easy to fit and that should be both safe and reliable in operation.

Here, we also describe our 25 year guarantee on our baths, our lifetime guarantee on pipework and fittings, and the additional guarantees we offer on the pump, motor and related system components.

If you are thinking about installing a hydrotherapy bath, please do contact us and feel free to take advantage of our extensive experience and technical expertise. To do so, please use our contact page or call us on 01524 66022. (The number is +44 1524 66022 for callers outside the UK.)