Project Description

Deep Soaking Tub, California, USA

Product: Imersa Deep Soaking Tub
Client: Mrs L.B.

Nirvana Japanese style soaking tub, California USA

The Project:

Requiring a new bath as part of a bathroom refurbishment project, California-based home owner Mrs LB began a search for a high quality deep soaking tub that would meet a number of specific requirements.

The bath would be inset beneath a granite surround and aesthetics were very important. It was essential that the chosen product should be made of a hardwearing material that would not fade with time and which could be colour-matched with the existing sanitary ware.

When she saw the Imersa deep soaking tub, Mrs LB contacted Cabuchon to ask about its  special composite Ficore® and how well it would retain its colour. Staff explained that it could be matched to any colour and that it exhibited such excellent colour retention, strength and durability that it came with a 25 year guarantee.

The customer then asked whether the grab rails could be specially plated to match her bathroom’s existing brushed nickel brassware and staff confirmed that supplying the required finish presented no difficulties  – brushed nickel being one of the many attractive finishes available from Cabuchon.

Finally, Mrs LB asked whether the Imersa was compatible with a water temperature regulation system. Staff explained that the Imersa was ideally suited for use with such controls and that the chosen bath could be supplied with the system ready-fitted.

On the basis of these discussions, Ms LB placed her order and the bath was duly supplied in a colour that precisely matched the other fittings. It was inset into the granite surround with great success.

“We have finally finished our remodel and we’re very happy with the tub!”
Mrs L.B.
The Imersa Japanese-style deep soaking tub