Project Description

Deep Soaking Tub, Tacoma, Washington State, USA

Product: Imersa Deep Soaking Tub
Client: Mr & Mrs D.

The Imersa, set by a window, Tacoma, Washington State, USA

The Project:

In 2013, Mr and Mrs D began the search for a new bath that would be comfortable, elegant and suitable for their modern interior. They live in Tacoma, close to the shore, and their bathroom commands impressive views over the bay. The chosen bath would be placed beside the corner windows so as to make the most of the vista.

Having browsed the internet and looked at different manufacturers’ brochures, the couple considered many products before discovering the Imersa Deep Soaking Tub on the Cabuchon website. They immediately liked the styling of the bath and contacted the company to ask whether it shipped its products to the United States. The Cabuchon team assured Mr and Mrs D that America was one if its largest export markets and that delivering the bath to Washington State would present no problems at all.

There followed a series of discussions to determine the precise specifications but, in the event, the standard Imersa proved to be perfectly suited. (There is a larger sized version of the Imersa and customised options are also available but these were unnecessary for this project.)

The bath was duly produced, packaged and delivered on schedule. Mr and Mrs D were delighted with the bath’s comfort and appearance, and the photographs below show the finished result.

“I want the folks in the manufacturing department to know they have one VERY happy client!”
Mrs A.D.
The traditional style Imersa deep soaking tub, Tacoma, USA
The Imersa Japanese soaking tub in its finished setting