Project Description

Hydrotherapy Soaking Tub, Hertfordshire, UK

Product: Nirvana Japanese Soaking Tub
Client: Mr & Mrs A R, Hertfordshire

The Nirvana deep soaking tub, installed across a narrow bathroom

The Project:

In 2019, Mr & Mrs A R set about looking for a compact hydrotherapy spa bath to fit a small space in a new bathroom refurbishment project. They found the Cabuchon website and saw that they could choose from a range of deep soaking tubs that would fit the narrow space available. Moreover, any of these baths could also be fitted with a bespoke hydrotherapy system.

They made contact with Cabuchon’s customer service team, who explained the merits of each bath in the range, together with important details such as dimensions and advice on access and installation.

Mr & Mrs A R also intended to fit a wall mounted shower over the bath so it was important that a) the bath had a sufficiently large footwell to permit showering, and b) it would be compatible with a shower screen.

The couple duly chose the Nirvana deep soaking tub, a compact, Japanese-style bath, together with a specially customised 14-jet hydrotherapy system with chrome nozzles and controls.

Cabuchon craftsmen then set about manufacturing the bath and installing the hydrotherapy jets according to an agreed pattern, designed to suit the customers’ preferences and physiques. The completed soaking tub was then despatched on the agreed date, ready for fitting.

We purchased the Nirvana deep soaking tub with hydrotherapy jets. It is a very impressive bath tub; clearly very well made and perfect for the limited bathroom space we have. It is extremely comfortable to sit in and my wife, who is 9 months pregnant, has found it very relaxing.

“The company itself is extremely helpful and has provided useful guidance on getting the bath into the house and for cleaning the jets. I would wholeheartedly recommend their deep soaking tubs and the company itself. If you buy from Cabuchon you will be in good hands.”

Mr & Mrs A R, Herfordshire, England
The Nirvana deep soaking tub, installed in the new bathroom in Hertfordshire

The Nirvana deep soaking tub, installed in the new bathroom in Hertfordshire, complete with shower screen and overhead shower.

Overhead view of the Nirvana's bespoke hydrotherapy system.

This overhead view of the Nirvana soaking tub shows the bespoke hydrotherapy spa system. All jets are positioned according to a layout that is unique to each customer.