Project Description

Hydrotherapy Soaking Tub, Linlithgow, Scotland

Product: Takara Japanese Soaking Tub
Client: Mr K W, Linlithgow

The Takara deep soaking tub with specially produced black side panels

The Project:

In 2019, Mrs K W and her family started to plan a bathroom conversion project, aiming to create a wet room with adaptations to suit Mrs K W’s restricted mobility. In particular they sought a comfortable, deep bath, versatile enough to suit different members of the family. They also wanted it to feature a bespoke hydrotherapy spa system. Mrs W suffered chronic problems with her back, so it was important that the chosen hydrotherapy system would deliver a real therapeutic effect.

The family found the Cabuchon website and duly contacted the company. They explained their requirements to the customer services team, who described the various options, enabling Mr and Mrs W to make an informed choice.

As part of their decision-making process, they asked if it would be possible to fit an electronically-controlled hydrotherapy system and, at the same time, to produce a specially coloured 3-sided bath panel in a contrasting gloss black. The team confirmed that it would be perfectly possible to meet both requirements using any model in the company’s deep soaking tub range.

Given the importance of making the right decision, staff invited the family to visit the showroom in order to test out each bath option for themselves. This would prove conclusively which was the most comfortable for them, and the most easy to use. An additional advantage of this was that the family could then see firsthand some examples of high quality brassware that would work well with each of the baths.

The family duly chose the Takara soaking tub, together with Cifial brassware, including an Aqua Filler – a combined filler/overflow that removes the need for a spout. They selected the Takara partly because of its ergonomically placed grab bars, which make for especially secure and easy transfers in and out of the bath.

There then followed a series of to-and-fro discussions by telephone and email to agree precisely the best placement of the hydrotherapy jets and their controls.

Eventually, with all the decisions made, Cabuchon set about manufacturing the bath and side panels, and fitting the 16-jet bespoke hydrotherapy spa system. The team then liaised with the family and their chosen bathroom fitters to arrange a convenient delivery date.

The bath was successfully installed and Mrs K W wrote to say that she and her family had quickly put the soaking tub to good use.

“Our Takara bath is fully installed and being well used! I have to admit that it’s our six-foot tall teenage son who is using it most frequently, but I am definitely getting the benefit of the deep bath and jets – particularly those at my ankle and hip. (Note: also good for the gluteus maximus that I get bother with too.)

“We really appreciate all your friendly, courteous and professional help in getting the bath just right for us, but particularly me with my difficulties. I want to itemise all of the following points: 

  • your excellent help from the start with the initial tentative phone call back in May 2019 (very different from another company I tried);
  • you provided the encouragement I needed to actually climb in and out of the selection of baths to find the right fit – and realising, with your help, that the position of taps, height of step etc. were all important factors;
  • your advice in helping us to decide on the best model for us;
  • your patience and attention to detail throughout the many emails and calls and diagrams to figure out the best location of the jets for me – and the inspired use of a cardboard template that we could post back to you from Scotland to save another trip;
  • help and advice regarding the colour of the bath and hardware, and arranging the bespoke surround;
  • liaising with manufacturing staff to arrange a delivery date to tie up with our bathroom refurbishment date;
  • following up after installation to check all is working.

“In summary – you provided an excellent service which we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

  • The Takara is a fabulous bath in both looks and practicality:
  • The fitted rails work well both to facilitate getting in and out but also for wriggling around whilst in the bath;
  • Using the jets soothes aching muscles (I particularly love my ankle jets);
  • It suits both 5’2” short and 6 foot tall people;
  • One can luxuriate with snacks, drinks and iPad, and spend an entire evening in it.”
Mrs K W, Linlithgow, Scotland
The inside of the Takara deep soaking tub, showing the specially placed water jets

The interior of the Takara deep soaking tub, showing the specially placed hydrotherapy jets.

The Takara deep soaking tub

The Takara deep soaking tub, complete with specially coloured (black) side panel.

The Takara deep soaking tub with bespoke black surround

The Takara installed in the adapted wet-room, complete with brassware and black side panel.