Project Description

Hydrotherapy Soaking Tub, Scotland

Product: Nirvana Soaking Tub with Bespoke Hydrotherapy System
Client: Mrs M, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Nirvana soaking tub, Scotland

The Project:

For a number of years, Mrs M had suffered from knee and hip pain, and she had been unable to use a conventional bath due to the difficulties of access. However, when the time came to remodel her bath in Stirlingshire, Scotland, she resolved to find a bath that would enable her to enjoy long soaks once again.

As an additional requirement, she decided to look for a bath with an effective hydrotherapy system; one that would actively help relieve her joint pain, rather than simply making a show of bubbles.

Her investigations led her to the Cabuchon team, who invited her to the company showroom in Lancaster, where she would be able to see the bath range for herself. She agreed at once and was delighted when she saw the Nirvana deep soaking tub. Purpose-developed as a hydrotherapy tub, it features a supportive ‘armchair’ like interior and its compact dimensions make it easy to enter and exit.

During her visited, the customer services team took note of Mrs M’s measurements and her preferences for the placements of the water jets. This enabled them to plan a bespoke configuration for the hydrotherapy system -a necessary step for ensuring the system would deliver maximum benefits.

As part of the planning, the team discussed the proposed bathroom layout. Mrs M planned to have the hydrotherapy tub set semi-sunken in a raised tiled deck. This would remove the need for a step and make access easier still.

Before she left, Mrs M looked around the showroom and selected a range of brassware products including attractive Quadrado deck valves, a hand-shower and an Aqua Filler combined filler/overflow, which was fitted as part of the hydrotherapy system’s integrated drainage sub-system.

Cabuchon then set about producing the bath and fitting the bespoke hydrotherapy system. The finished product was duly delivered to Mrs M’s Stirlingshire home, where she had it fitted into the raised deck, as planned.

“We were able to come on site to try the bath first of all. The staff were lovely and helpful.

“I love the bath and it is really helping my hip and knee pain. The difference in my joints has been great, as I haven’t been able to get into or out of a bath in years! My physio is impressed too!

“Customer service has been great through the process. Having the raised floor versus a step gives greater security and confidence I won’t slip.

“This is certainly an investment and well worth the money.”

Mrs M., Stirlingshire, Scotland
The Nirvana hydrotherapy tub, set into the tiled deck
The soaking tub was installed with brassware from the Bathhouse showroom. Note the wall-mounted grab rail for added safety.