Japanese Soaking Tub, County Durham, UK


"First of all, I want to tell you how delighted we are with our new Cabuchon Japanese bath. We are so pleased with it - the look, the finish and the solid construction and just the relaxation while we sit and soak. Fantastic. Also I would like to thank you and members of your team who have been so helpful and supportive."

Hydrotherapy Soaking Tub, Stirlingshire


"This is certainly an investment and well worth the money. The difference in my joints has been great as I haven’t been able to get into or out of a bath in years! My physio is impressed too! I love the bath and it is really helping my hip and knee pain. Customer service has also been great through the process."

Deep Soaking Tub, Auckland, New Zealand


"Already many of our friends are amazed and envious of the Nirvana deep soaking tub taking so little space in our small en-suite bathroom. It is my happy place! Thank you once again for your prompt attention to all my enquiries and I hope you will continue to satisfy many more customers. We are thrilled. Thanks for your help."

Deep Soaking Tub, Gateshead, England


"This is sheer luxury and worth every penny. They say "you get what you pay for" and Cabuchon certainly delivers. I have never bathed in anything as comfortable before. It really is like sitting underwater in an armchair! ... We decided to visit the Cabuchon showroom. I have never come across customer service like it; nothing was too much bother. "

Modified Soaking Tub, Hampshire


“When we updated our bathroom, we wanted to fit a deep soaking bath. My wife and I visited Cabuchon’s showroom. Here, they make all their baths to order. We are delighted with the product and with the hands-on support they provided from start to finish. A Great British company that offers customer service that’s second to none.”

Hydrotherapy Bath, Asheville, North Carolina


“Success! I was finally able to use your tub. It was fabulous. I love the hydro-jet therapy. The tub holds heat really well and it is nice and deep. I can tell it is going to be very good for my back. I wish I had owned it for years past. All my neighbours and relatives are just in awe when they see the tub. Thank you for your persistence in helping me.”

Deep Soaking Tub, Ontario, Canada


“The Nirvana tub has been a big hit in our family. With its unique shape and the ability to almost fully immerse the body, it really is like sitting in a warm, cozy arm chair. The service we received from the Cabuchon staff was impeccable. We would highly recommend the company and its products to any discerning customer looking for a truly unique bath.”

Deep Soaking Tub, Durham, England


“I bought one of your Japanese soaking tubs – in fact, it was the very first thing I bought for a house I hadn’t even started renovating at the time! We think it looks stunning. My husband has fallen in love with the bath (all 6’ 4” ) and I’m struggling to get a look in at the moment… Still, I’m looking forward to spending more time in it as winter draws in.”

Deep Soaking Tub, Dundee, Scotland


“We absolutely love our Nirvana Deep Soaking Bath; it’s fantastic! The shape of the bath makes the experience so relaxing and we now enjoy long, luxurious baths. It doesn’t take any longer to fill and the water remains hot for a surprisingly long time. Cabuchon have been a pleasure to deal with and we would most certainly recommend them.”

Deep Soaking Tub, Melbourne, Australia


“Finally our new en suite bathroom is complete. We are thrilled with the design and our wonderful tub! We are very proud of it. Finding the soaking tub was the finishing touch, because nothing like it was available in Australia. As we are older, we wanted comfort and something easy to get in and out of. This tub is perfect! And so relaxing! We love it!”