Project Description

Deep Soaking Tub, New York

Product: Calyx Deep Soaking Tub
Client: Ms N B

Soaking tub, New York USA. The Calyx in the new bathroom in Brookhaven.

The Project:

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast of the United States, causing extensive damage to property and infrastructure. One of the homes it destroyed was in Brookhaven, New York. It belonged to Ms N B, who was forced to begin the slow process of reconstruction.

Rebuilding the house took time but, as a small consolation, it at least afforded an opportunity to remodel certain rooms. Accordingly, towards the end of 2015, Ms B began work on a new bathroom and set about looking for a new bath. It would need to be comfortable but have a small enough footprint to allow it be installed beside a small glass walk-in shower.

She found the Cabuchon website and there discovered the Calyx 1230 soaking tub. She liked the design and saw that its dimensions would fit well into the available space. On making contact with the customer services team, she also learned that it could be produced in a white that would precisely match the colour of her other new sanitaryware.

The Calyx was duly delivered and installed in 2016, at which point Ms B wrote to say:

“It is a small bathroom and not really possible to photograph the tub along with the full room, but you will get the idea. We are thrilled with it. A long, deep hot bath with Epsom salts is something I’d not thought possible to enjoy in our home, but now it is. The bath is so therapeutic, not just for our aching bodies but for our feelings as well, after what’s happened to our country. Thank you for your help in bringing such comfort into our home.”

In short, another satisfied customer. And that might well have been the end of the story, except that in November 2018, Ms B wrote again with an update. Here is what she wrote:

“I’m writing just to say that after two years of living with our Calyx, I fall more deeply in love with it every day. Being able to fully relax in a bath after or before stressful work days – as well as on the much needed weekend – is more emotionally and psychologically restorative than I ever expected.

“It is the perfect size and shape for soaking. I know you make larger and more elaborate tubs, but I can’t imagine needing or wishing for anything more than the Calyx. Using it almost daily hasn’t affected our water or gas bills, and caring for it is ridiculously simple – a rub down after each use with castile soap and water has kept it pure white and scratch free.

“Resting in the hot bath this morning, I found myself thinking of all we went through (Hurricane Sandy and its destructive ecological and financial aftermath), and that how I felt just then was a bit of that awful experience’s silver lining.

“Now, we’re considering a move to maritime Canada, and the hardest part of that decision is whether to leave this perfectly renovated little home and, yes, the tub. If we do relocate, I want to install another Calyx wherever we wind up.

“Thank you again for all your help in 2015 and 2016, and for making an excellent product.”

Ms NB, Brookhaven, New York
Soaking tub, New York. The Calyx in the newly restored bathroom in Brookhaven.
Soaking tub, New York. The space-saving bathtub had to fit in a narrow space to one side of a glass shower enclosure.