Soaking Tub, Palmerston, New Zealand


“Our (old) bathtub was long and shallow, and I often felt uncomfortable because the hot water quickly became lukewarm. As I am Japanese and my Kiwi husband loves soaking in an ofuro, I wanted to get a Japanese-style soaking bathtub. I finally found the Cabuchon website... We now have really happy bath times, especially in the cold winter season.”

Deep Soaking Tub, Cambridgeshire


“The team at Cabuchon were incredibly helpful when we ordered the bath. They kept us informed throughout the production process. We are delighted with the end result, which has transformed the room. We chose the Calyx soaking bath, particularly for its Minimalist line. The bathroom is finished (… and) the bath is absolutely amazing.”

Deep Soaking Tub, Pittsburgh, USA


“We were renovating a small master bath in a 110-year-old home. My wife wanted a tub, and we knew about Japanese soaking tubs. I'm a shower person and it seemed there was no way to have both in the small space. We planned a "wet room" with both a tub and walk-in shower. Cabuchon’s Calyx allowed us to use a soaking tub and still have room for the shower.”

Japanese Soaking Tub, Surrey, England


"I actually cannot tell you how happy we are to be able to relax in the deep soaking tub, being away from Japan. I am delighted with the new bathroom and with the Calyx. How relaxing it is, spending time in the stylish deep bathtub! I cannot live without it now. The project was an absolute success! I really appreciate your help."

Deep Soaking Tub, New York, USA


"After two years of living with our Calyx soaking tub, I fall more deeply in love with it every day. Being able to fully relax in a bath after or before stressful work days... is more emotionally and psychologically restorative than I ever expected. It is the perfect size and shape for soaking. I can't imagine needing or wishing for anything more than the Calyx."

Space-Saving Bath, Turriff, Scotland


“The bathroom is in a very small side room with a sloping roof. We stripped the room, re-opened the blocked-in window, and set about searching for a small bath. It had to be less than 1400mm long to fit across the width of the room. We chose the Calyx because it was short, generously deep, and a beautifully simple design. It’s a joy to use.”

Deep Soaking Tub, Helensburgh, Scotland


“We’re delighted with the finished product. It’s just perfect… and we’re amazed at how long the water stays hot. All in all we couldn’t be happier with the end result. Once again, thanks to all at Cabuchon; it was a real pleasure to deal with such a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable company – we would be happy to recommend you to anyone.”

Deep Soaking Tub, Washington State, USA


“Cabuchon provided a perfect bathtub solution for specific client and design requirements for a deep soaking tub within an existing bathroom. The bathtub (the Calyx 1440) imparts crisp, clean lines that enhance the contemporary rectilinear design theme of the whole room.” Ms JH, Architect (Washington State)

Deep Soaking Tub, Co. Down, N. Ireland


“I am very happy with the contact I have had from everyone at Cabuchon. They were able to arrange delivery to Northern Ireland to fit my timescale. It arrived exactly on time. The Calyx 1230 fits perfectly in the space. The bath was exactly as described, dimensions were spot on, especially as I have a narrow doorway into my bathroom.”

Deep Soaking Tub, Vancouver, Canada


“I'm delighted with my soaking tub. I imported it to the west coast of Canada! Amazingly, the process was entirely hassle-free, with support from the Cabuchon folks every step of the way. Customer service really is their watch word. The costs of importation were considerably less than I was expecting and, for such a unique product, entirely worth it.”