Project Description

Deep Soaking Tub, Pittsburgh, USA

Product: Calyx Deep Soaking Tub
Client: Mr SL, Pittsburgh USA

Calyx deep soaking tub in the new wet-room, Pittsburgh USA

The Project:

When Mr and Mrs L were planning the renovation of their bathroom in Pittsburgh, USA, they approached the project with different requirements. Mrs L was keen to include a bath but the small dimensions of the room made this a challenge, especially given the size of most soaking tubs available on the American market.

By contrast, Mr L was keen to have a walk-in shower, so the couple wondered whether they could create a wet-room that combined a shower and a small bath in one space. Investigating the Cabuchon website, they found that the Calyx 1230 soaking tub would be an excellent fit, and its minimalist lines would work with the overall design of the room.

One potential concern was the cost of shipping from the UK factory but, upon discussing it with Cabuchon’s customer support team, Mr and Mrs L found that the total price (i.e. of bath plus shipping) still remained very competitive.

The rest of the story can best be told in Mr SL’s own words.

“We were renovating a small master bath in a 110-year-old home.  My wife wanted a tub, and we knew about Japanese soaking tubs.  I’m a shower person and it seemed there was no way to have both in the small space.  With a slight design tweak, we planned a “wet room” with both a tub and walk-in shower.  Cabuchon’s Calyx allowed us to use a soaking tub and still have room for the shower.

“Local soaking tubs were all too big and then I found the Cabuchon website and, on a whim, e-mailed to see if they had a US distributor. I didn’t expect a reply but instead got a lovely e-mail explaining their excellent product and the fact that their direct sales allowed us to save the distributor charge, which just covered the shipping costs.

“The bottom line was a beautiful tub, virtually custom made, delivered to our local airport where our contractor picked it up…  The result was a seamless purchase and delivery. The overall cost (including shipping and customs) was about the same as tubs we were considering in the US.

“The renovation is finished and we’re so delighted with the result that we wanted to share and to encourage buyers to consider this top-quality product from a top-notch company with amazing customer service.”

The wet-room with its walk-in shower
The soaking tub installed in a corner behind a glass partition