Project Description

Deep Soaking Tub, Vancouver, Canada

Product: Calyx 1230 Deep Soaking Tub
Client: Mrs L.W.

View of the Calyx 1230 installed beside the shower cubicle. Vancouver, Canada.

The Project:

When Mrs L.W. decided to renovate her bathroom in Vancouver, she wanted to create a separate shower cubicle beside the bath. In order to make best use of the floor space, she began to look at baths with a smaller than usual footprint with a view to choosing a model that would fit neatly in the corner beside the cubicle.

She researched the subject via the internet and soon discovered the Cabuchon website, where she saw the company’s Calyx deep soaking tub. The Calyx 1230 – the smaller of the two models – would suit her needs perfectly. She made contact with the customer service team and asked whether the company had representation in Canada. Staff explained that Cabuchon ships products worldwide and assured her that the business was well equipped to serve her needs directly.

During discussions, Mrs L.W. also noted that she had already chosen other items of sanitaryware so she was pleased to learn that Cabuchon could supply the Calyx in a colour that would exactly match the other items.

Having explained the import/export process, Cabuchon then handled the shipping and Mrs L.W’s installation progressed without a hitch.

“I am delighted with my Cabuchon soaking tub. I actually found the firm on line and imported the tub to the west coast of Canada! Amazingly, the whole process was entirely hassle-free, with support from the Cabuchon folks every step of the way. Customer service really is their watch word. All things considered, the additional costs of importation were considerably less than I was expecting and, for such a unique product, entirely worth it.”
Mrs L.W.
The Calyx shown in its surround with built-in step. Vancouver, Canada.